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Careful distillation of seeds, resin, flowers, leaves or even barks of some useful plants results in production of small quantities of oil like substance. This is called essential oil and has higher concentration of chemically and biologically active components which add usefulness to the original plant. Enhancing physical wellness is the goal of most nature based research groups and thus these essential oils have found place in the market because of their fruitfulness in promoting health of both mind and body.

Essential oils as discussed above are concentrates received from plants and thus these small bottles are packed with loads of chemical ingredients which can take you closer to nature’s healing powers. Application or use of essential oils is decided by the expected result and strength of the oil. Most oils are strong enough and should be mixed with carrier oils or water or even cream base before application. Today in this blog we will be talking about five very common essential oils and their most important uses for human beings.

  • Tea tree oil- With marked antiseptic and more prominent anti-fungal properties tea tree oil has been used for topical application for curing symptoms of toenail fungus infections and athlete’s foot. Relieving cold sores, acne symptoms and other skin infections is another area of application of this oil extracted from an Australian native tree. The oil is not appropriate for inhalation or ingestion but its topical uses have made it a famous ingredient for nature based anti-acne creams, anti-acne face wash gels and some bathing soaps as well.

  • Lavender oil- Strong and pleasant fragrance of lavender flowers make the essential oil obtained from these a common and most sort after ingredient for aroma therapies, air purifiers, deodorisers and bath salts. Relaxing mind, increasing cognitive function, inducing good sleep and reducing stress and anxiety are major benefits of lavender oil it also find use in some mosquito repellent because of its bug repellent properties.

  • Ylang Ylang oil- Ylang Ylang oil is extracted from yellow flowers of an Asian tree. The oil has multiple uses other than being used in deodorisers and air purifiers because of its distinct and pleasing fragrance. Other uses of this essential oil include its ability to quicken healing process (topical application for wounds and cuts), overcome sebum gland abnormalities thus helpful in treating eczema and seborrhoea, used in aroma therapy oils or massage oils because of pronounced stress and anxiety relieving function, boost nervous system and is aphrodisiac in action.

  • Ginger oil- This oil is extracted from rhizome or roots of ginger plant. It has medicinal benefits same as ginger concoction but because higher concentration is more effective and quick in action when compared to ginger juice or raw ginger. Majorly this oil is included in digestion enhancing tonics, nature based medicines for treating malaria, yellow fever, diarrhoea, dandruff, kidney stones, menstruation troubles and arthritis pain relievers.
  • Frankincense oil- This oils is extracted from resin of Olibanum tree. Again the oil has multiple uses like antiseptic properties, anti-aging effect for skin, tonic to improve immunity and digestion, helpful to women facing menstrual troubles, astringent properties help tone the skin, also effective as diuretic and in nature based medicines for bronchitis and other respiratory troubles.

The above blog is restricted to major and most common used of most commonly used five essential oils. There exists an extensive list of oils extracted from plants which have medicinal benefits. Thus many essential oils are available to use. Study of classes, categories and modes of application brings you closer to understanding more about this gift from Mother Nature. Nature based product manufacturers are devoting enough time and effort into researching about these oils and their uses. Many herbal or nature based cosmetics can be seen to have essential oils as part of their main benefitting ingredient. Regular and proper use enhances the positive effects while for physical body and emotional balance.

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