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Henna Hair Oil has been the preferred solution to all hair problems, ideally suited for young or old, and the best and most sought after herbal remedy for scalp and hair health and well being. Henna Hair Oil is the oldest remedy since ages, dating back to almost six thousand years in the past. The use and healing properties of Henna Hair Oil was more commonplace in India, Pakistan and in and around the Middle East. However, in the recent years the miraculous benefits of Henna and more so, the efficacy of Henna Hair Oil have been recognized worldwide and herbal hair oils extracted from henna are finding their use in mainstream health and beauty applications for hair growth and in the treatment of infections and ailments of the hair and scalp.

Henna Hair Oil Makes hair More Lustrous and is the Best Conditioner for Hair

Henna Hair Oil conditions hair naturally to restore their sheen and luster. Henna works by forming a thin coating around each hair strand, thus imparting strength and waviness to the hair. In addition, regular use of henna for hair not only strengthens it but also makes it much more smooth, shiny and manageable. As a matter of fact Henna works much better than any other chemical based hair formulas in them market. Hair looks more voluminous, shiny and healthy even after a week long use of Henna Hair Oil.

Alkaline Balance in the Scalp is Restored and Hair Damage reversed with Henna Hair Oil

Henna has the best and most astounding cleansing properties among herbs for basic hair care routine.  Further to this, the property of Henna Hair Oil for maintaining the alkaline balance in the scalp facilitates the resolution of many skin conditions of the scalp naturally. When the PH balance in the scalp is restored, dryness of the scalp and brittle, thin hair are no longer apparent and even major skin conditions affecting the scalp, including dandruff and bacterial infections are preserved or naturally resolved. Henna Hair Oil works unbelievably well to gradually restore hair from the root to the tip and prevent any environmental damage when applied regularly.

Henna Hair Oil Prevents Premature Greying and Keeps Hair Safe from Toxins or Harmful Chemicals

Regular use of Henna Hair Oil is a great agent that works on each hair strand to restore its thickness and color even as you age. Your hair regains their thickness, volume and color even after exposure to the environment’s chemicals and pollutants. Henna Hair Oil prevents and reverses premature greying and thinning of hair.

Further, when Henna Hair Oil is applied to greyed hair, it acts as a completely chemical free dyeing agent that gradually covers grey or lightens it. Henna as a natural herbal therapy for dry, damaged and lifeless hair suits all hair types. In addition, the incredible property of Henna Hair Oil in acting as the best cover grey and anti-ageing agent, free from side effects makes it the preferred choice of millions when it comes to complete hair care.

Scalp Infections, dandruff and Similar Conditions are Automatically Resolved through the Healing Properties ofHenna Hair Oil

Henna Hair Oil is a great natural germicide and does not allow bacterial, fungal or viral growth in the hair and scalp. Due to these antimicrobial properties of henna Hair Oil, a healthy scalp is maintained and this promotes hair growth. Dandruff and microbial conditions of the hair and the scalp are curbed through regular use of Henna Hair Oil.

Due to the cooling properties of Henna Hair Oil, blood flow in and around the scalp is mobilized and the scalp and hair roots receive a richer supply of blood. This stimulates hair growth at the root.

Henna also has the property of naturally controlling the production of sebum, natural oil that moisturizes the scalp and hair roots. However, either the underproduction or overproduction of sebum is harmful for the hair and scalp. While under production dries out the scalp and hair and makes it more brittle, over production makes the hair and scalp greasy and a breeding ground for microbes. Due to the natural property of Henna Hair Oil to maintain natural alkaline balance, the sebum produced by the sebaceous glands is optimally regulated and hair and scalp health and wellness is maintained effortlessly.

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