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‘Rich’ might be the right word or best way to describe grape seed oil,  a small vial filled with benefits nature has to offer to us. While synthetic ingredients of chemical cosmetics are a cause of worry, natural products put your skin in zone of least amount of risk or having side effects. Be it skin, hair or just facial skin being conscious of the list of names on the labels is a must before deciding on specific products.  

Nature based cosmetics are a safe bet because at least if they won’t make you look like a fairy queen overnight they won’t give you a fright of what is being absorbed by your skin. If beauty is skin deep select products which have prospering effect for your skin when they go deep into your skin! Grapeseed oil is best choice for people with many different skin issues and types because this oil from tiny grape seeds is packed with goodness in abundance. Be it sensitive skin, dry skin, sun damaged skin, aging skin, acne prone or even lose and fragile skin type; grapeseed oil is a safe bet to try and let your skin soak in its goodness and thank you for your choice.


Grapeseed oil can be bought as pure oil for topical application (be sure not to buy the variety we add in foods) or you can select cosmetic products like sunscreens, moisturisers, acne creams, toners and even bathing soaps which have grapeseed oil as an important skin nourishing component.

  • Anti-aging

Not that grapeseed oil is miracle oil and will bring down your age by 20 years the moment you start using it. This oil definitely has several groups of skin benefiting flavonoids. Flavonoids have property to bring down the damaging effect of free radicals in our body. This anti-oxidant action helps decrease rate at which skin ages. Grapeseed oil which is packed with these anti-oxidants on regular application slows the process of skin aging and also benefits in getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles by nourishing the skin and fastening its repair process. Anti-aging is the most sort after trait for cosmetic product manufacturers these days and thus grapeseed oil has made a place for itself in ingredient list of such products manufactured by trusted chemical free cosmetic lines.

  • Moisturize

Low density is another helpful characteristic of grapeseed oil. This makes it seep into deeper layers of skin quickly without making it sticky. Its high vitamin E and fatty acid content nourish the skin from within making it soft, hydrated and supple. For similar reasons grapeseed oil is incorporated as part of some massage oils as well. Mixing dab of grapeseed oil in your moisturiser before application can bring about changes you have always wanted to see in your skin. Or you can simply buy moisturisers from nature based cosmetic brand which include grapeseed oil in their ingredient list.

  • Toning

Grapeseed oil has astringent properties as well. Regular application of this oil can bring about changes like closing of bigger skin pores. This in turn helps in tightening the skin (toning) and completely avoiding situation where particles (dead skin cells, dirt, pollutants or cosmetic) get clogged resulting in pimples. Skin tightening also reflects as means of making you look younger.

  • Healing/repair

Healing action of grapeseed oil has been a key trait making it favourite among nature based cosmetic product manufacturers. Flavonoids in grapeseed oil are associated with skin repair action thus promises of lightening blemishes, scars (acne scars or stretch marks) and even dark circles upon regular and proper application. Nature based cosmetic product manufacturers are beginning to include grapeseed oil in sunscreen lotions as well because of its capability to heal sun damaged skin.

  • Anti-acne

Grapeseed oil has mild but definite anti-inflammatory properties which make it good carrier oil for anti-acne products. In its pure form also daily application of tiny amounts can ensure balanced skin pH and positive results in terms of keeping acne at bay.

Many natural products have been tested and proved to have valuable qualities essential to make our lives better or say beautiful if we talk of ingredient helping to beautify our skin. Grapeseed oil is one such gift from nature. In its pure and unadulterated form this oil has properties to pamper and relax the largest organ of our body. With this said it becomes clear that nature based cosmetic products containing grapeseed oil are a great way to get rid of the chemical products while keeping your skin happy and healthy.

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