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Colouring hair is a trend most followed by youngsters as part of their craze for fashion and by adults to cover up their grey hair. Whatever be the reason hair dyes have been a friend to men and women alike for years. Researchers have been attentive to check the ingredient list and their impact on skin and hair which has not turned out to be very colourful or pleasing as the visible immediate effect of these dyes. Hair dyes have been in existence since years and markets explode with multiple brands and products to fit into this broad product category. However these days when consciousness about healthy diet and skincare has increased hair dye manufacturers are facing challenges in forms of herbal hair dyes, organic or chemical free alternatives for their long time selling hair dyes.

Skin care and hair care world are changing now and turning towards a green zone. With proven researches letting out negative effects of certain necessary chemical components, chemical free products are covering up more shelves in the stores and producing more revenues for their manufacturers. It is a definite yes for herbal hair dyes knowing that synthetic components of chemical hair dyes like coal tar, peroxides, PPDs, ammonia and many other can have ill effects for the user’s body when absorbed through the scalp. While most people are opting for herbal ways and natural methods of covering up their grey strands or giving colourful make over to their mane, here are some interesting facts about use of herbal products or natural methods or organic hair dyes.

  • When we say organic in today’s market scenario be very careful while selecting products. In case of many manufacturers the term organic is just another way to making the product popular in the market and not actually meaning ‘absolutely chemical free’. Checking the ingredient list before you pay and use the product is a must.

  • When trying organic or chemical free products or bio hair colour or hair dyes from trusted brands make sure not to expect same results as the chemical based hair dyes in terms of the colour intensity or lasting effect. Natural products or herbal products have milder effect plus due to lack of chemicals they do not penetrate the hair shaft. This makes their impact lighter and temporary. You might need to be more frequent in use of herbal hair dyes than in case of chemical ones.
  • This one might sound more like an alternative suggestion but with tried and proven effects. If using chemical hair dyes is a must for you or you cannot easily find a herbal hair dye or trusted organic hair dye switch to highlighting or lowlighting your strands for the colourful effect or covering grey strands. These methods expose very little of the scalp area to the harsh chemicals rather than full head dying method.

  • If opting for greener products is your sorted way but finding the right product is taking time you can switch to home based herbal treatment and methods to colour your hair rather than using regular synthetic or chemical based hair dyes. Some simple ingredients from your kitchen like Rosemary, Hibiscus, Lemon, Tea, coffee and henna are fruitful in adding that required tinge of colour. The process takes more time and effort as compared to regular dying but you can be sure of causing no damage to your skin or hair. Also shinier and healthy looking hair is one powerful after effect which pleases most users. So do not stay away from these herbal alternatives.

  • Inconsistency and unpredictability of results from use of purely herbal alternatives might be a stone in the path but the reason is tiny when compared to the damage a chemical based product especially synthetic hair dyes are probable of causing.

Herbal alternatives are far better as concluded above. Find a trusted brand of organic hair dyes or completely natural hair dye and you won’t regret your decision when you see definite positive changes in your hair texture and your mind satiates with the thought of not having harmed your own skin or hair follicles.

Your hair are your and thus choice is also your but choosing products based on a comparative index of its benefits and risks is always an intelligent call.

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