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Luscious, soft, voluminous and strong hair, are dream of all women and men too. Hairs are dead cells but feeding and treating hair follicles well can bring about much difference in the health of our hair. Hairs add to our good looks and bad or unhealthy hair can lower self-confidence too. Thus, knowing right diet and lifestyle habits to promote hair growth can help you gain great hair type and even resurrect the once already been damaged due to any reason. In the following blog we will be discussing same.

  1. Balanced diet

Balanced diet nourishes body with all types of mineral, vitamins, protein and even fats and carbons required in just apt amount in the body. When we talk of hair, balance diet would mean food containing more hair growth promoting nutrients. Let’s list the most important one:

  1. Iron, Selenium and zinc: These nourish hair follicles. Their consumption is suggested with vitamin C rich food to enhance their absorption in the body.
  2. Protein rich diet makes hair stronger. After all hair is nothing but proteinaceous strands.
  3. For shiny hair and proper hydration of strands, omega 3 fatty acids from food or DPA and EHA supplements work well.
  4. All vitamins especially A, B, E and D work to trick hair growth for better. Vitamin E has role in fighting damage while A helps promoting repair by producing more sebum
  1. Hair care is a science today.

With much knowledge of the biology of these strands cosmetic manufacturers have launched hundreds of products to suit various hair care needs. These can be shampoos, oils, serums, conditions, pre shampoo products, leave in products and variety of others. Each product has a composition and associated use. While huge range and variety is available always select most chemical free products. some common helpful tips while choosing hair care products are:

  1. More the herbal ingredients in the list less harsh will be the product for your scalp.
  2. Consult dermatologist if looking to treat specific hair condition.
  3. Don’t go for looks and smell. More fragrance and colours add more chemicals into your bottle thus harming hair.
  4. Stick to buying small quantities when testing new products. You can switch if not found appropriate.
  5. Even for hair dyes, try sticking to herbal hair colours or home based hair colouring methods.

  1. Avoiding chemical treatments

Giving different looks and styles to your hair is a whole industry of hair artists today. For all needs and interest specific styling techniques are ready to be explored and used. Go for subtle treatment i.e. those exposing your hair to least amounts of chemicals. These chemicals can damage the scalp health badly.

Haircuts and trimming adds beauty and style in a safe way but the frequency should be matched to growth type you have and overdone ever. Treatments like highlights, straightening, curling etc, should be chosen only after weighing pros and cons of same.

  1. Exercise

Absorption is one important step followed by ingestion when we talk of our digestive system. Exercise helps better absorption of the nutrients taken in with food. Another benefit of exercise is sweating. Sweating opens up the pores in the skin and helps release the toxins again promoting healthy skin over body as well as health scalp.

            Improved circulation resulting from regular exercise is also a boon for your hair. It helps indirectly as good rush of blood to the scalp makes it a healthy bed for healthy hair and faster growth too.

  1. Lifestyle plus hair care routine

When talking of health only workout doesn’t matter. One should take time to pamper the body as well. This is true for not only the body but also for hair. While food and exercise help from within, you ca aid it with better lifestyle and hair care routine. Oiling hair and using hair masks for better hydration and condition of hair is just blissful. Practice it and you will know the difference. Choose oils to suit your hair type and stick to homemade hair mask for extra conditioning. You will love yourself for your actions.

            With all of the above a stress free lifestyle is most needed. Tension, anxiety and stress are most common reasons for hair fall, alopecia and baldness today. Practice yoga, let go off things- don’t worry too much, believe in your strengths and always remember ‘This shall too pass’. Meditate and practice yoga, go for hot tub baths, family outings; just relax and don’t stress yourself too much to be a cause of bad hair.

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