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Katrina kaif Shares her tips on slimming, body- “I starts my day with four glasses of warm water to boost metabolism and eats at least 6-7 meals a day. I include a lot of vegetables and fresh fruits in my diet as they are good for my skin and are easy on the stomach”.

Everyone wants to be slim & trim. Good physique plays a very important role in a life. Building good personality or physique requires hard work and dedication. People nowadays are keen to keep themselves fit and fine. Organic products are very good to be healthy and maintains the good physique. You can get a slim physique by regular exercise. Instead of going for training or intaking of supplements, the purest natural products are more effective for maintaining slim and fit health. Staying slim and fit not only feels or look good and attractive but also good for your overall wellness . To achieve this aim, first check your body weight that depends on the age, height & body type by calculating body mass index.

There are many organic products to maintain good physique:

Green tea: Green tea contains antioxidants and nutrients which aids to keep you fit and healthy. 3 cups of green tea in a day is recommended to have an ideal physique. It also helps for brain function activity and decreases the risk of cancer. Green tea contains polyphenol, these powerful substances reduce the free radicals, which is responsible for early aging and all types diseases. Green tea burns the fat from the body, which improves the physique.

Body Firming:  Organic body firming products are very useful to maintain fit & slim body. These improve the blood circulation. These all include the body toning, body cream, etc. It helps to burns the fat and calories in the body. Body firming is very much in trend nowadays. The plastic surgeons are creating advance skin firming cream that can eliminate stretch marks to cellulite. Organic products are very good for health, because they are naturally produced with no side effects.

Herbal supplements: Herbal supplements are in demand to keep the body in shape. Herbal products are pure and have no side effects. There are specific vitamins, minerals and natural supplements that can lose weight efficiently.

Lemon Tea: Lemon tea is one of the best way to loss weight naturally. Lemon tea in your diet will help you to manage your weight, by reducing the calories which are present there in your food. Organic lemon tea not only keeps you fit, but also keeps you healthy as well. Without the sugar and cream, lemon tea has very few calories .Lemon tea contains phytochemicals that may help to fight several diseases, including heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis.

Practicing yoga and exercise is the best way to be slim & healthy. So do it  regularly to have healthy body along with mental peace.


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