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This oil, often referred to as a ‘superfood’, lives up to its name.  Extracted from coconuts, we are referring to the wonderful Coconut Oil. Extremely versatile as it can be used for cooking, beauty and health, this oil is packed with nutrition and a myriad of benefits. Coconut oil has a waxy texture at room temperature and starts melting when it’s warmed up or rubbed between the palms. 

Let’s take a look at some of the uses that this superfood provides:- 

1. Cooking Medium

Great for cooking, coconut oil adds a rich flavor to food. It is used extensively in the coastal areas and can be substituted for butter for those who are allergic to dairy. Since it has a high smoke point, it does not burn easily and can be used for baking and stir-frying. 

2. Hair Conditioner

Coconut oil serves as a deep nourishing hair conditioner. When applied all over the hair and scalp and allowed to rest, it moisturizes each hair follicle leaving your hair feeling shiny and soft. 

3. Removes Make Up

Say bye to expensive chemical make up removers. What can be better than pure virgin coconut oil? Apply it all over your face and wipe it off with a cotton ball. Voila, the entire make up will vanish leaving your skin feeling supple and soft. 

4. Polish Household Items

You do not need to look for an expensive carpenter to come and polish your furniture anymore. Whenever you feel something is getting dull, take some coconut oil and rub it on the surface. Take a soft muslin cloth and rub it to see it shining like its new. This technique can be applied to wooden objects, leather objects and even metal surfaces. 

5. Heals Winter Cracked Lips

A peek into the winter season and the first to tell are your lips. The hydrating power of this wonderful oil has the power to cure chapped lips and leave them feeling moist and soft. Your very own natural lip balm is easily available and ready for use. 

6. Diaper Cream

What’s better than to use natural ingredients like virgin coconut oil to treat minor infant ailments like nappy rash? Being anti-fungal and soothing, coconut oil is a great ingredient to go into a natural diaper cream recipe. 

7. Sunscreen Lotion

Coconut oil works as a mild sunscreen lotion. Reducing the redness caused by excess exposure of the skin to the sun, coconut oil is rated to have an SPF of about 5-10. 

8. Pet Conditioner

Cracked paws and itchy coats? Use coconut oil as a conditioner for pets. The plus side is that even if they start licking it off, it will do more good than harm. Apply it to their dry noses, paws and coats and they’ll feel much better. 

9. Acne Reduction

Antibacterial qualities present in coconut oil reduce the propensity of acne breakout. 

10. Treating Bug Bites

Monolaurin, a substance good for fighting bug bites is present in coconut oil. When applied on the affected area, it causes relief and helps in quick healing. 

11. Helps Reduce Obesity

Coconut oil increases energy levels in the body and helps in burning excess fat. Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) present in coconut oil help in increasing the amount of energy expended compared to similar calorie amounts from other fat classes. 

12. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Stacked up with saturated fats, coconut oil does not do anything to negatively impact the lipid profile. In fact, its consumption is known to reduce triglycerides and improve blood coagulation.

13. Strengthens Immunity

Coconut oil contains antimicrobial lipids, lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid and other elements, which are high in antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. These help in strengthening the immunity of the body. 

Tropical countries like Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka and India are high consumers of coconuts and coconut oil. The uses described above are just an indication of what all this wonderful oil can do. Start using it to discover its great abilities. 

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