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Doctors point out that once a person gets high blood pressure, then medication is for life. However, if you have high blood pressure, you can reduce the amount of dosage or cut down some tablets by adopting a certain lifestyle. This lifestyle obviously supports being healthy and over timewill help you to reduce medication or delay its effects.

Here are some lifestyle changes you can adopt to keep your blood pressure under control:-

Check on your weight, lose few pounds and reduce belly fat

Weight is proportionally related to blood pressure. Overweight causes disruption in breathing while sleeping. This raises blood pressure in the body.

Losing weight is essential for controlling blood pressure. If you can lose just about 4kgs then it can help you to bring your blood pressure down by 2mm (Hg).

Other than shedding weight keep a check on your waistline or belly fat. Too much of the belly fat can put you at risk of high blood pressure. Men are advised to have a waist measurement of less than 40 inches and women should have a waist measurement less than 35 inches. These numbers vary based on ethnicity, make sure you ask your doctor to confirm about this.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercising for at least 30 minutes every day is essential for lowering blood pressure from 4 to 9 millimeters (Hg). Performing exercises should be consistent. If you stop it, blood pressure will rise again within few days.

If you are suffering from mild hypertension, then regular exercising is beneficial in avoiding the progress of hypertension. The best exercises for coping hypertension are jogging, walking, swimming, cycling and dancing. Strength training can also help to reduce blood pressure. To choose the right program, consult your doctor.

 Eat a healthy diet

Healthy diet to cope hypertension includes fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and low fat dairy products. Cut down on cholesterol and saturated fats can lower the blood pressure by 16mm (Hg).  To manage the amount of fat intake one can maintain a book and write down the foods, amount of calories and fat ingested every day. Consider foods that are rich in potassium this will control the effects of sodium on the blood pressure. The best sources of potassium include leafy greens, beans, yogurt, mushrooms, avocados and fish.

Reduce the amount of alcohol consumption

Alcohol is both bad and good for healthy. If it is taken in small amounts, it has the power to lower blood pressure upto 4mm Hg. However, if you are lost drinking it too much then it can raise the blood pressure by several units. Also, it increases complications while taking blood pressure medications.

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