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There is more to treating asthma than just taking regular asthma medications. One can follow some tips to reduce the symptoms and risks associated with the asthma attack.

After a person is diagnosed with asthma, doctors usually prescribe tablets and inhalers. Following the doctor's directions is important to deal with asthma in one's everyday life. It is a known fact that asthma can't be cured completely and one can rarely be away from the medications. So it becomes essential for people to follow some health tips to avoid intrusion of asthma attacks in their life.

Here are tips to prevent asthma

Stay away from the asthma allergens

The asthma allergens or triggers can be different from one person to another. Some people might have their lungs allergic to pet hair and others won't be able to breathe through pollens, perfumes, etc. Some women have described that their asthma becomes worse just before the monthly period. So the triggers for asthma can vary and the patient must take a note of what is causing asthma in their body. Once you know the allergen you can avoid making contact with it and increase safety from asthma attacks.

Stop smoking

Even though smoking may not be the cause of asthma, it increases its complications. Smoke and ash act as irritants in the lungs and can trigger asthma in many patients. Also smoke makes the asthma medications ineffective and causes trouble in treatment.

If one has asthma, then direct or passive smoking can increase the chances of developing bronchitis or COPD. The lungs that are inflamed with cigarette smoke are vulnerable to frequent asthma attacks.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercising is essential for strengthening lungs and increasing the immune power of the body. Based on the research conducted by Severe Asthma Research Network (SARN) regular exercises such as swimming, walking and cycling can improve the resistance to asthma attacks. However, at first asthma patients should start exercising at a low pace. They should have their inhaler in pockets to cope up with breathing problems.

Take care in cold weather

Cold air with mist is a common factor that triggers asthma. It causes shortness of breath and wheezing. So during winter or rainy days stay indoors and have access to clean air. When going outside wear a scarf or mask to cover the nose. Take regular medications and have the inhaler very near to you.

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