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After last night’s over dose it is natural that you might feel to call the day off. Since getting off the bed seems insurmountable, we have some great suggestions of nutritious food so that you can bounce back to work without getting any red marks on your attendance register.

We have brought to you the best solution. We had a talk with some of the best nutritionists and they have provided us with some great food and drink suggestions to cure a hangover.

  • Eggs- Eggs have great protein power. They are gentle on the stomach after a night storm. They can be easily digested; thanks to the cysteine in eggs. Cysteine helps to clean up the leftover toxins which the alcohol leaves. However, you should think about not increasing the cholesterol level too. Keep the dish simple. You can add as many egg whites but limit it to only a single yolk.

  • Cure hangover with coconut water- Coconut water can cure your dizziness faster than you think. It is very refreshing and hydrating. It adds more potassium to the body than a banana. And since it’s got a flavour pushing in down the throat it is always easy to use than regular water.
  • Soups- Though associated with sickness, soups also cure hang over quite well. You can choose either simple tomato soup or chicken clear soup. If you have been throwing up, then in order to re-hydrate yourself soups are a good option. The potassium and sodium, helps to maintain the body balance. Even sodium makes one thirsty and thus you drink water.

  • Banana- This is a great fruit. It maintains the potassium balance which is totally needed. Along with this, banana meets the hunger requirements and also it is gentle on the digestive system.
  • Fruits and fruit juices: Fruits and 100% fresh juices help in maintaining the vitamins and nutrients the body has lost in the boozing session. However, carton or canned fruit juices are not recommended. Organic fruit juices are the best.

  • Coffee- Organic coffee is very good for the body. Caffeine in coffee dilates the blood vessels and thus helps to get rid of headaches faster. Caffeine also boosts the brain functions. Use no fat milk and minimize sugar. If possible, drink it black.

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