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Having a common cold or a runny nose is considered to be a trait these days. Once upon a time it was a condition that let a whole lot of population tremble with fear. Fear of this cold being a symptom for something big. Of course we have tests that does not let us get sucked into a spiral of overthinking. Coming back to common cold ; which was our point of concern is caused by a very common virus that belongs to the lot of retro virus. Virus have a very strange way of functioning, they are mere micro robots who do not function like a living organism unless they get a stable base to feed on. When one suffers from common cold there are a lot more baggage faced by the victim. The struggle is real, especially when the person has a runny nose along with sever blockage.The block is concerned with just one nostril and the other nostril is left free and dry as ever.

In short your nose becomes a house to Amazon forest on one side and then you have draught land on the other. Yes, we have all been there and faced the struggle. This lasts for about three to four days, the best way to tackle these issues would obviously be the organic way. Capsules and pills and tablets are certainly good for constant remedy, but the effect wears out after a while.

Organic and natural way is always preferred to capsules and pills. Here are few home remedies that are for sure going to be of help to someone having runny nose.

  • Turmeric : Turmeric has considered to be the remedy since the days of our great great grand folks. All thanks to it's brilliant antiviral properties that keeps all sorts of virus at bay. It is considered to be a strong immunity boosting agent as well. Mixing the powder in milk and consuming it when it's hot will definitely provide relief.
  • Steam: This is yet again a very common practice and it is followed by almost everyone. The steam is inhaled and due to the latent heat present in the steam, the blockage is released thereby putting a stop to runny nose.
  • Ginger garlic: Since having them alone will not provide the required or anticipated amount of relief, a mixture of them will definitely be a boon to a person having runny nose. They can be consumed as a juice or candies that can be made at home. It's a bit strenuous of a task, but on preparing, they can be stored and kept for days together.

The above discussed were a few basic remedies that can come to of help to a victim of runny nose at any point of time. The positive aspect of consuming organic or natural tonics is that they don't have any side effects on the person. For more information on look out of organic products for a runny nose click here. Stay organic, stay healthy.


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