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Dr. Stephan, is the name of a hugely prominent co-head of the German litigation & arbitration practice group, according to him, “Many people start the day with coffee followed by toast and jam, cake for morning tea, then meat and a tiny amount of veg for dinner – all of these are acid-forming,” and further he says, adding that a high-acid diet can lead to constipation and bloating, a lack of energy, weight problems, ageing and gum disease.

What is acidity and its causes?

Studies say when the imbalances occur between the acid secreting mechanisms & proximal intestine at that moment stomach can suffer from acidity. In India, there are almost over the millions of people who are suffering this annoying disease. But most of us do not know that there are a bundle of home remedies by consuming them we can be ensured to get rid of acidity.

Symptoms to acidity-

  1. Heart burning
  2. Weight loss
  3. Nausea
  4. Wheezing
  5. Dry throat
  6. And having cough from a long time

Prevention and home remedies for acidity-

  1. Basil
  2. Lemon
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Honey

Have a look on these points advocating the facts pertaining to prevention of Acidity-

Get the relief with basil- Since ever basil was beneficial for health due to amazing effects, it contains minty flavour and that is considered to be good in cough and cold. One can ‘use dried basil leaves in preparing tea’ the proper repetition of the will help you get rid of acidity.

Lower the acidity through lemon- Lemon is massively stored with vitamin C and that is known as best in acidity. Yes; the mesmerizing sour taste of lemon has benefit for various kinds of ailments as well as it may relieve you from acidity, “having 4 to 5 lemons in a day with water will overcome on this problem.” Therefore, it is highly suggested all to follow this advise.

Honey can control acidity- This delectable nectar is hugely stored by some of the powerful properties like, anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial. It has been scientifically proven that honey has several health benefits. In acidity, the proper consumption of honey can prevent obesity to tease you. So, it is significantly suggested all people to have at least 100 grams of honey on a regular basis.

Herbal supplement in acidity- Now a days there a bundle of herbal supplement available in the market and that all have been experienced in lots of the disease. Being organically manufactured these supplement don’t give any side effect at all. And they can be availed easily from any online shopping website, therefore, it is highly advised all people to consume this.


                                        Keep off the irritation of acidity by the sour taste of lemon.


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