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In today’s contemporary world, exterior has core importance. Good looks and personality can help you make your way through. Some are blessed with good height while others are not.

So how do we grow?

Our body growth depends on HGH-Human Growth Hormones. Initially at young age it is convenient to grow taller as compared to in the later ages. It has been proved that for women the growth in height can take place till the age of eighteen years while for men the age is twenty four. After this age the production of growth hormones becomes sluggish or stops.

Reasons for lower growth:

  • Genetic causes
  • Bone disorders- Rickets etc
  • Chronic diseases- Asthma, Diabetes, Thalassemia, Kidney disease etc
  • Malnutrition

Both natural and artificial factors can be adopted to increase height and promote growth of body. Some of the natural ways by which we can increase height are:

  • Eat proper diet: A balanced diet for growth includes Green leafy vegetables, fish, eggs, nuts like almonds a walnuts etc. Your daily diet should consist of intake of vitamin d and calcium along with zinc. Phosphorous, iodine and magnesium rich food should also be included.

In your daily diet include Aswagandha with lukewarm milk.

  • Adequate sleep: Along with a sleep of 7-8 hours, the sleeping posture should also be checked. Try sleeping straight on your rather than on stomach. It has been proved that individuals who sleep on their stomach are more prone to diseases as compared to others.
  • Posture while standing and sitting: Keep your backbone straight as far as possible. While standing, stand straight with your shoulders at back in a relaxing position. Practice sitting with feet touching the floor and back straight in a comfortable position.
  • Exercise: To keep your body fit daily exercise is necessary. Some exercises which prove better results in increasing height are:
  1. Cobra stretch
  2. Bar hanging
  3. Super stretch
  4. Toe touching exercise
  5. Rope skipping
  • Ample of water: A minimum consumption of 7-8 glasses of water will not only help in growth but will also give you a gift of healthy and glowing skin. Water removes toxins from body and improve metabolism.
  • Perform meditation and yoga: By meditation we purify our body which releases the growth hormones in our body. Yoga positions like Surya Namskar, Talasana, and Sukhasana are proved to increase height.
  • Say no smoking and alcohol: During pregnancy women are advised not to smoke or consume alcohol as this hampers the growth of child. Along with these two the consumption of caffeine should also be avoided.You can try organic smokes if you can’t quit.

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