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Hunger, munchies and good health does not really go well, at least for some of us. But now we need not worry because there are many options available for us to satisfy our hunger with munchies and without gaining weight. Can you imagine! Well you should, because where there is a will there is a way. Indulging ourselves in munching something healthier while satisfying our hunger, sounds dreamlike, isn’t it? You just need to know what to munch which contains the right amount of calories in it. Actually snacking is necessary in your diet if you know how to make it healthy. There are a whole lot of options when we brainstorm about healthy munching. Let us just have a brainstorming on what we can munch and at the same time stay healthy.

  • Cookies!!

Really! Yes. We can stay healthy while munching on some cookies. How did this happen? Simple, the answer is organic healthy cookies. Cookies always make one go drooling be it an adult or a child. These healthy organic cookies are extremely low on fat and high on fibre.

  • Want some chocolate?

What else do you need now when you have the devil on your side and without making you gain weight! Let me tell you, it is actually so because these chocolates are sugar free. These have proteins and very less amount of carbs.

  • Namkeen

Gossips were never this fun before. Am I right? It is obvious when you can keep on snacking and simultaneously maintaining your health. What more can you ask for? It is made with grains and millets which do not add up to your weight.

  • Dry fruits le lo!

Many values in one are dry fruits. Dry fruits are good for your health, skin, hair and memory. It is rich in antioxidants which help in reducing the signs of aging. These are also loaded with vitamin E which is good for your skin. Dry fruits also supply potassium which maintains the water balance in your body reducing the risks of hypertension.

  • Kuch meetha ho jaye!

Hello sweet tooth! We have something for you too. How about some laddoos? Yes you can have laddoos without worrying about your weight. The laddoos are made of organic edible seeds, which contribute a lot towards our good health. It is sugar free which also relieves us off the tension of piling up calories.

Hungry kya? So what are you waiting for? Add these healthy munchies and snacks in your diet; satisfy your hunger even during your post workout sessions and stay fit and healthy. Click here for healthier options to fight your hunger.


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