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When you eat sugary and fatty foods, your mouth takes in the foods and converts them to bacteria. It will create some holes on your teeth and gums. These are called cavities and these mainly affect your teeth root. If you want to prevent cavities, then you must avoid sugary foods and take some natural care of your teeth.

Cavities are mainly a bacterial infection of your teeth and they create some holes in your teeth. It is very harmful for your mouth and it can affect your whole mouth too. So be careful about this problem and take some medication from your doctor at the initial stage. It is suggested to clean and wash your teeth everyday and use some mouth wash thrice per day. Apart from that, you can follow some natural remedies which prevent cavities and bacterial infection in your mouth in future.

Here you can find some natural ways to clean and maintain your teeth and prevent risk of cavities effectively:

  • Brush your teeth: you must brush your teeth twice per day. It is suggested to brush your teeth at least two minutes during each time and try to rotate your brush across every part of your mouth. Along with that, you need to use some medicated tooth brush and paste to prevent cavities.
  • Floss: you should use floss every day and hold the floss between your thumbs and gently slide up the floss in between each and every of your tooth. It will remove the bacteria from your teeth and it will clean the gums as much as possible.

  • Mouth wash: you must use some mouth wash every day. Mix some mouth wash with some warm water and wash your mouth gently. You must use alcohol-free mouth wash and read the components of the mouth wash before using it.
  • Visit a dentist: you must consult with your dentist once per year and it is mandatory routine for everyone. Dentists can examine your teeth and oral hygiene thoroughly, and can suggest you with proper medication. Along with that, if the dentists see any cavities symptoms in your teeth, then they will solve the matter easily.
  • Avoid sugar: you must avoid sweet and sugar ingredients like chocolate, junk food, soda and candy. These food ingredients are the main reasons for cavity and they get deposited in your teeth and affect the enamel very soon.

How to prevent cavities?

  • Wash your teeth to prevent cavities
  • Maintain your oral hygiene
  • Consult with the dentist every year
  • Drink cavity-fighting beverages like black tea and coffee

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