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Today’s fast paced life challenges our health to perform under high performance pressure. To deliver the expected results you must take wholesome meals which fulfil your dietary need without adding extra pounds to your weight

Hectic job schedules, college routines or just a fast life can leave us with no time for taking meals in between. Such hectic days need you to be prepared physically and mentally. Proper meals are a must to keep you on your feet and carry on with routine activities. There are certain things to be kept in mind while planning meals for a hectic week ahead.

  • Energetic start to the day

To have a great day ahead you need to have an energetic start in the morning. Try a herbal tea to rejuvenate your senses. You can also try green tea or organic tea as per your choice. These are quick and easy to make

  • Hearty breakfast

To have a heart breakfast for a kick-start to your day you can take cereals or flakes with milk. Fresh juice can also be taken for sufficient nutritional requirements.

  • Rich source of energy

The food you intake must be a rich source of energy to support your body function. Sufficient protein intake is necessary to boost your performance without adding extra pounds.

  • Wholesome lunch

For the mid-day energy needs you can have your regular lunch which is light in digestion by high in carbohydrates. Organic Wheat chappaties with a bowl of dal would be sufficient for this time.

Healthy refreshments

For refreshment in the evening masala tea or organic coffee can be taken with some cookies or light snacks. We must make sure that the meal is light yet refreshing.

  • Meagre dinner

Somebody rightly said,” have breakfast like a king, lunch like a common man and dinner like a beggar.” So the dinner should be very light. A healthy salad is good option or a soup will also work just fine. A light and easy to digest dinner makes sure you end the day on the healthier mode.

  • Your Cheat sheet

All heard and understood but sometimes your midnight cravings won’t just let you sleep. Don’t worry, we got you covered, just sneak in your kitchen and have these healthy munchies.

Your day can be tough but to go through it you need to be tougher. Take healthy meal at proper time to boost your performance and deliver the expected. Stack up your desk drawer, fridge with these quick fixes to your hunger and nutritional necessities and you are good to go for the hectic week ahead.


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