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Essential oils have been in practice since ages. Oils were the only thing used in earlier days since they had the power to heal the body and mind. Innumerable essential oils are available for use now a day.Nature has provided us with abundance of natural things whose oil can be extracted and used for various purposes from head to toe, internally and externally. Every element which you see in form of herbs, spices or flowers,all have power stored within them which can be used by mankind to handle all health and mind problems and become free of aliments and enjoy life in abundance.Essential oils can be mainly used during bathing or during massage with carrier oil. Since these oils are quite strong they are used in very little quantity, a few drops sometimes while in application. 

Bathing with oils has proved to be quite stress reliever. Soaking helps your skin to relax your muscles and detoxifies things which had built up during the entire day. Soaking gives a spa like experience which relaxes your body and mind. Oils from the bark of cedar wood, rosewood and sandalwood should be added to your bathing water. These oils have their special qualities in rejuvenating and treating your mind.Oil from Lavender and (Neroli)orange tree flowers is also used prominently by my spas.

Lavender: Prominently used for aromatherapy. Relaxes muscle and joints. Has healing power to heal wounds, injuries and burns due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties. Adding few drops in the warm bathing water does multipurpose things simultaneously.

Neroli:very powerful oil with excellent medical benefits working externally and internally. Due to its scent it is used as tranquilizer to control anxiety and palpitations, cures insomnia and depression. It helps the digestive organs to recuperate from serious ailments like spasms and diarrhea. If diffused can also kill germs and toxins. A few drops in the bathing water or sprayed or diffused can act as antiseptic,disinfectant, antidepressant. Used by many as a sedative to control blood pressure and kill food poisoning bacteria and germs.Very helpful in improving blood circulation.Helpful for ladies and gents together.

Rosewood: A strong oil with healing power to heal wounds, pain killer, helps to fight cough and cold. Stressbuster. Room freshener and insect repellent. Also helps improve sexual desires. Used for treating skin issues likes acne,pimples, blackheads etc. Prevents wrinkles and is sensitive towards all skin types.

Sandalwood:Age old oil very much popular in India used for perfume, aromatherapy, incense and vaporizers. Oil extracted from the bark of a matured sandalwood tree. An antiseptic, astringent,deodorant, memorybooster, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory. Sandalwood oil has helped our ancestors in all these various ways.

Jasmine:Oil with seductive qualities, Oil recommended for people having sexual problems like premature ejaculation impotence sexual desires. Helps in tackling skin issues like dehydration and eczema. Very effective during pregnancy since it helps contractions and promotes milk flow. Also eases pain during menstruation cycles. Works very well as antiseptic. Effective in treating stomach cramps. Helps in uplifting one’sspirit, boost confidence, reduce fear and guilt like feelings.

 Cinnamon: Treats bacteria causing pimples and acne. Excellent mouth wash. Treating fungal infection caused to wearing footwear for longer duration. Very good insect repellent properties, can even kill bed bugs, ants and flies. If used with organic shampoo can treat lice control also.

Eucalyptus: Very effective in treating respiratory issuesdue its antibacterial abilities. Works as pain killer in many ways. Can be used in tooth decay to control and reduce the damage being caused. Helps improve performance of digestive track.

Grapefruit: Helps to recover from hangovers,depression,and headaches. Used to control oily skin from forming acne. Treating joint pain and muscles tension. Researchers have found that grapefruit oil can be used for curing nervous system, wrinkles and vision. Improves digestive system. Improves performance of brain.

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