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Nutritious food is the secret behind weight gain. But then we are not talking about developing fats around the belly for gaining weight. This weight gain which we are talking about is to have a toned body with well built muscles which makes you weigh more. This weight gain makes you look stronger, sturdy and broad. We are basically concerned with muscle weight gain.

While swimming and walking are suggested for weight loss, strength training is suggested for muscle mass development. Strength training helps in developing muscles and toning up the body by burning fat and calories. Several indoor and outdoor exercises are suggested for weight gain.

Here are some weight gain exercises which provide sure shot results without any machine help-

Muscle Mass workout Regime

The best and the most common muscle workout is the lifting of weights in the form of dumbbells and barbells. Lifting of weight in different postures like standing or sitting helps in formation of multiple muscles. When you begin with free weight lifting always begin with small hand weights rather than forcing your body to pick those heavy ones. Though these can be done at home, they must always be carried out in front of trained personnel’s.


Strength training through crushes burns fat in the abdominal area. Rest your back on the stability ball to perform these crunches which tone the hip muscles along with the abdominal muscles. Push ups on back and knees also can be performed by resting on the ball. These help in the development of core muscles. Some athletes also lie back on the stability ball and combine it with hand weight lifting for weight gain. There are stability balls available easily. These are of various sizes and colours too. Smaller balls are better than the larger ones.

Push ups and pull ups

Without machines weight gain is not as good as free hand weight gains. Machines focus on specific area of development while push ups, sit ups lead to all round development of the body. Since these are body weight workouts, these carry a lesser risk of injury and slip disks. These workouts develop stamina and bone strength. Squats are also recommended for weight gain.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are a great hand exercise which work on the smaller group of muscles. One can use these at home and also in the office.


Exercise on treadmill for weight gain is not totally bad. They are also recommended by many experts. However, free hand exercise gives much more benefits.

Along with exercises for muscle mass and body development, protein powders and shakes are also recommended. Whey Protein is a muscle developer as it develops muscle mass which is an important part of weight gain.

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