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Constipation is a digestive disorder of which people usually doesn’t talk about and take it very lightly. If you are one of them, then be aware. It’s not a one day disorder. It can turn into a long lasting disease even for the rest of your life. Before start curing this disorder you have to first know the cause and type of constipation you are suffering from. Constipation is of different type. Rare constipation that happens occasionally and if not taken in care, then it can turn into chronic constipation. Age- relating constipation, that usually happens to older age people due to weak constitution and strength of body. Postpartum constipation happens after child birth because of weak pelvic floor. By following simple remedies from your kitchen you can overcome these problems completely.

Introducing simple steps with remedies from your kitchen

  • Add more liquid in your daily diet

Water is one of the best remedy that helps in curing many severe diseases including constipation as it helps in easy bowel movement and removal of the unwanted waste materials from the body. By eating fresh fruits one can easily raise the water content in their body which helps in softening the stool and making it easy to pass without facing any problem.

  • Fibre filled foods

Meals containing more fibre content like oat meals, flax seeds lintels, beans,  spinach, broccoli and such can help in making the digestive system work properly thus making the stool to come out easily and reducing the constipation. Fruits like orange, guava, raspberries give good results too. 

  • Organic digestive booster

Yeah! We are talking about Organic Baking soda. It can be easily available in every house. Baking soda contains sodium bicarbonate, by getting into the stomach it reacts with the Hydrochloric acid present in the stomach and splits into salt, carbon dioxide and water, helps in solving the digestion problem hence lessen the risk of constipation.

  • Medicinal organic honey

Honey as being a natural mild purgative helps in softening the stool and making it easy to pass and reduce the constipation easily. Add organic honey with lemon in warm water for better results.

  • Say No to Caffeine and Alcohol

By consumption of caffeine and alcohol, the risk of constipation increases as it makes the stool hard. Instead of these things one can go for herbal green tea with low caffeine content which keeps one healthy and far away from digestive disorder.

  • Eat healthy and work out positively

Adding healthy foods in your diet and eating them without skipping any meal will surely give you positive result. Working out for half an hour a day can increase your metabolism rate and helps in proper digestion resulting in constipation free life. Click here for more organic products by JBN.


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