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Building up a nice body isn’t a layman’s thing to do. To ease up the tedious process people seek to less painful ways to build up their body. But what they don’t realize is that this short term comfort will cause them a long term side effect. Why to enjoy such short-lived pleasure? You’ll lose what you had and you won’t be even able to earn it back. Now, even if you follow a clean and healthy diet. Are you eating right? You shouldn’t be skipping meals. Make sure you play fair!

Why Go All Organic?

There are programs and methods that’ll help you in building up your body in no time via synthetic ways. But if you want to avoid this way, you can try including a completely organic diet in your daily routine. Mix it with your workout routine and see tremendous results for yourself! You allow your body to change naturally without causing any damage to your body due to the side effects caused by unnatural sorts.

When To Eat?

Manage your time between your workout and your meals. Keep these two key points in mind.

  • Keep it in your mind to eat exactly 1.5 hours before a workout, neither early nor late.
  • Eat some fruit within 20 minutes after your workout to replenish the lost glucose.

It is necessary to replenish your body to avoid undergoing catabolic state where it starts inhibiting enzymes. In such a state the muscle doesn’t get repaired and therefore fails to increase in size too.

What To Eat?

Without synthetic supplements, our body needs nutritional components to compensate for those supplements. Apply a nice and effective diet program to the above mentioned time management program. In simple words, a diet rich in proteins and carbs is the best for you. More specifically, a high protein and low carb diet is what will do wonders to your body. Here is a list of organic foods you should try to keep in your diet.

Organic Eggs

Organic Eggs help you reduce the hormonal levels and antibiotics in your body.

Avoid Thin-Skinned Fruits

Thin skin of fruits doesn’t offer much resistance to the harmful pesticides and they affect the pulp of the fruit too.

Avoid Thin-Skinned Vegetables

Thin skin of vegetables too fails to provide any protection from these harmful pesticides.

Organic Oats

Oats are a blessing in disguise for our bodybuilders and must be consumed several times a week.

Organic Milk

Milk is the best source of protein and must be consumed on a regular basis. Do not avoid milk and other milk made products.

Switch to organic diet to detoxify your body and shed some extra mass along with those harmful toxins. You can also use some detoxifying agents to help you in this process. Try using as many organic products as you can and you’ll feel the difference. An organic diet will do wonders if you play fair. Click here, to browse through our store to look for more organic products at JBN.


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