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Erectile dysfunction is not something that would pass as a casual topic of discussion. Impotence in men has always been assigned many degrading connotations in our society which is why most men don’t talk about it and choose to ignore it. However, if the problem exists for more than a month, it might be time to start talking about it. Let’s look at some of the causes and the ways to beat it.


When you pick up a cigarette, remember, smoke is not the only thing that will vanish into thin air. Your ability to achieve an erection might too. Excessive smoking is said to cause the arteries to fill up with plaque. This means among the many circulatory system disorders you can develop, erectile dysfunction is not far behind.

Heart disease

When the arteries get chocked with plaque, the blood flow is compromised. In order to keep the blood flowing, your heart will have to work extra time. This is bound to cause heart problems. And this is why it is often said that erectile dysfunction is a forewarning of potential heart disease.


Lack of blood sugar control on a long term basis can often be detrimental to the nerves and blood vessels. This damage comes into focus in numerous health issues and erectile dysfunction is one of them. If you suffer from diabetes, have a care the next time you pick up a particularly tasty-looking sweet.


That belly fat that you keep trying to push into your body in front of the mirror may be more dangerous than you think. Being extremely overweight can cause some serious issues when your body tries to pump blood into the penis. Also men who were obese are found to have lower testosterone than those who enjoy a fit body.

It’s all in your head!

There can be many psychological reasons behind your inability to perform. Fatigue, stress, marital problems and the list goes on and on. While this may look like a less alarming cause as compared to the others, these psychological problems may develop into more threatening complications if not taken care of immediately. Regular exercise, yoga and meditation usually help with not only stress management but also improve your general health.

Erectile dysfunction is a very real problem, getting more and more common with every passing day even though it is not usually talked of. However, when the causes are correctly identified and accordingly remedied, you can once again enjoy your sex life with your spouse and impress her. To find out about other products, browse through Joy by Nature!


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