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Skin is a major indicator of wellness and beauty. A significant portion of cosmetic products available are aimed at improving the skin in a multitude of ways. Many factors affect the health and glow of a skin, and they can be either internal factors such as blood supply and hydration or external factors such as sunlight, weather and environment. Other factors include maintenance and treatment. Some of those factors can be controlled to improve the health and look of a skin.


It is the cheapest, quickest and most effective way to keep a skin clean and good looking. Pollutants and dust can quickly accumulate on the skin as we keep travelling. Besides, the sweat and oil produced by the skin themselves contain contaminants that spoil the look. Cleaning the skin with water and soap removes all such contaminants and restore the original look of the skin. To get effective results, skin should be cleansed on a regular basis. A warm water cleansing will in fact work much better than cold water cleansing as it can open the pores. If the water is too hot, then the capillaries get broken and cause redness, so take care.


Even if cleansing removes all the contaminants and restore the look, it may result in dryness. There are many other factors which cause dryness such as de-hydration and weather conditions. Whatever it is, dryness is a top sign of poor skin health and can instantly diminish the skin glow. Using moisturizing creams is a good way to restore moisture on to the skin. Drinking plenty of water will keep the body well hydrated and improves the skin health. A proper diet that contains essential nutrients will help keep the skin healthy. That will prevent the damages caused by dry skin such as clogged pores and damaged cells.


Serums are an effective way to increase the skin’s capability to  retain moisture  and prevent other problems from occurring. It can help minimize the effects of acne, pimples and dark spots. Anti-oxidant serums prevents the signs of aging like wrinkles whereas hyaluronic acid serums are used for increasing hydration. It can also be used with a moisturizer. There are specially formulated serums available to treat specific issues with the skin. Most serums are good at being deeply absorbed into the skin and supply it with all the necessary ingredients.

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