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A rise in toxin levels of the blood is not good for body health. Such a condition carry serious risks of illness and disorders. The body uses a natural mechanism to keep the blood pure and void of all toxins. This function is carried out in our kidneys which also plays an important role in removing and eliminating those toxins from the body in the form of waste water. Sometimes, there will be too much toxins in our body that kidney can handle. In such cases, follow these three simple steps to help your body detoxify the blood.

Drinking plenty of water

Water is an essential fluid to help our body perform cleansing actions naturally. It helps to flush out the impurities and toxins out of our body by providing the necessary lubrication and hydration to our excretory system. It also plays an important role in bringing down the toxin levels of skin cells in the form of sweat. Consume pure mineral water for at least eight times a day. Make it a priority to consume water immediately after eating food, and do not allow the toxins present in the food to build up in your body. Store water in copper containers to improve its anti-bacterial capabilities.

Avoid alcohol and cigarette

Bad habits such as alcohol and cigarette is cool in the movies, but it is certainly not cool for your excretory system. They produce a rush of toxins that the kidneys become stressed and get impaired in its ability to excrete the toxins from the blood. Instead, the toxins get carried into the blood, which is how the feeling of ‘high’ is brought out in the first place. Regardless of what anyone says, that amount of toxins is not good for the body; not even once. Therefore, avoiding alcohol and cigarette is a quick way to reduce the amount of toxins in the blood and help it purify naturally.

Herbal tea

Herbals have seen a surge in popularity because of their detox effects. They can be consumed in variety of ways, but the most preferred way is to take them with tea. Green tea consists of essential herbs that can put the detox mechanism to action. Dandelion tea has properties that stimulate the bladders, liver and kidney. Other herbal tea such as lemon tea, burdock tea and licorice tea can also produce detoxification effects.

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