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Noticing the change in season to accordingly modify your wardrobe and eating habits is a common thing. And what is most commonly ignored is changing your skin care routine and products as the season changes. Here we are talking about all kinds of routines or processes you are following in your daily life which you proudly label as your ‘skin care regime’. To really care for your skin, one needs to be conscious of its needs and this is when you closely observe the changes your skin goes through with every change of season.

Skin care is a widely studied and explored field today. Researchers in this sector from all over the world highly recommend giving your skin a pampering treatment all through the year but change the kind of steps followed as per the needs of your skin. We all use some or other kinds of products for our skin from toners, to moisturisers, night creams, hydrating serums, eye creams, sun screens and many more. Only thing we emphasis in this article is to ensure selecting type of products suitable for your skin for the present season and do not just spend in buying big jars of creams to last a whole year.


Here is a quick explanation to the above mentioned ‘type of products’. First of all, let’s be clear that we are restricting our discussion in this blog to only skin care products and none of the cosmetic products. Now, be it any category of beauty product, its composition talks about its nature of action. For example, if we talk of moisturisers we get a huge range of lotions, creams and even body butters which all do the same role of hydrating the skin but are different in the ‘extent’ of their action. For summers, when our skin tends to be naturally oily we need less intense moisturisers while in winters, our dry skin needs intense hydration with body butters. Same logic of examining the composition holds true while selecting other products like night creams and eye creams etc.

In the above discussion when we are talking of what we apply on the skin and how we select it based on changing season; let’s not forget what we use for cleansing our skin. Face washes are also an essential part of our skin care kit and thus selecting one to keep your skin texture intact is a must. Dry weathers call for use of moisturising or cream based face washes while those having oily skin can select gel based ones which can clean the pores but also help remove extra oil from them. This is true for our body washes or daily use soaps as well. With an array of different bathing soaps, bathing oils and body washes available today selecting new ones for each season comes as an easy but also enjoyable activity. Trust me; you will always love yourself when your skin remains supple, soft, hydrated and very beautiful season after season.

Skin care regime is not only meant to take care of your skin in the present weather but also works to prepare you for forthcoming anticipated changes. We all know how our skin reacts to particular changes in weather and only we can be the best judges to optimise are product choices. Complementing the changing needs of your skin and pampering this largest organ of your body will make your skin even more beautiful. This beauty comes with a very intense sense of self-confidence too. When you look good it is nothing which can break your mood or keep you on low energy.

Have happy skin days always by just following the simple regime of understanding your skin’s need, understanding it’ s changing needs every season and getting treat it appropriately with products suiting it’s needs. Women love shopping so it would not be a hard task to go in the beauty section of a mall and search for the right product but men equally need to do it. Or yay, gift your fathers, husband, boyfriends the type of product you think will make their skin better. Wrap it in your love and make them love their skin. Be creative in your approach and leave away the boredom of sticking to same bottle of moisturiser for every season. Explore the markets for better products!

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