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When bone health is of concern, working right from childhood pays a lot better in terms of maintaining  health and vitality of bones, muscles and joints. In context of healthy bones and joints a package of healthy lifestyle habits need to be followed to sustain healthy bone and promote their health to enjoy benefits in older age. Keeping conscious of your health is a good thing but what is better is to be conscious about it right from very early age or say childhood. Yes, this is for parents and especially new parents. Having their kids pick up good and life promoting healthy habits right from the beginning of their lives is one key responsibility. And this would show positive results for your overall health and not just bone health.

  • Starting with basic and most necessary advice for healthy bones and joints, mention of a balanced diet takes much stress. Emphasis should not be only on calcium rich food but a balanced diet including green vegetables, lots of coloured vegetables, fruits, non-fat dairy products, calcium rich food items and even meat (or beans). Not one but many nutrients together give you healthy bones so complete package is essential remember!!
  • When we are considering diet some food items like nuts (all kinds), flaxseeds, quinoa and other such food items are especially considered calcium rich food. Apart from calcium they have good nutrients like omega 3 fats which are considered good lubricants for our joints. Beware of what is in your plate and what you actually need for your body. Select food items adding quality to your plate and not just quantity. A word of caution here! In today’s competitive market scenario getting hands on non-pure or sub-standard food products is easy so be conscious of the brand your selecting and try stick to organic food wherever possible to avoid intake of harmful toxins which can rip apart your body’s health over time.

Of all calcium is most important because with its deficiency in the diet our body starts absorbing it from our bones, making them week. Know daily intake or requirements for your age group and stick to it for better results. Dietary calcium is much better when we talk of its absorption in the body but those finding its consumption a challenge can go by calcium supplements or calcium fortified food items as well (depend on your physician’s consultation here).

  • We all know sunshine is the best source for vitamin D and for children an hour’s game in the fields gives them their daily dose. When it comes to elderly people, taking vitamin D from sunshine becomes a less achievable goal and here comes the role of vitamin D supplements which again would need you to consult your physician before deciding on the type, amount, combination and dose.

  • Strength and weight bearing activities contribute to building up of bone mass and muscle strength. In childhood with hordes of energy and vast variety of physical activities children take up, this hardly is a task. But for adults and elderly sticking to 30 minutes of workout routine is a must. You can decide on the type of work out with respect to your age and body strength but indulging in such activity on daily basis is a must.
  • Calcium needs, uptake by body, flush out and even absorption rate changes with age and even varies for men and women. Taking timely advice from your doctor is what can save you time and effort in making right choice for your diet type, workout plan and even additional supplements if they are needed.


A healthy body makes you enjoy life to fullest. Strong bones, perfectly mobile joints and strong lean muscles can add extra stars to your quality of life. So, next meal time think of including nutritious food in your diet, give good balanced diet lessons to your kids and ensure active lifestyle with regular exercise as a part of it.

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