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Indian food is known for its variety and taste everywhere. People from every corner of the world visit India, just to taste the delicious food. Although foreigners cannot bear the spicy food but they like to eat it. It’s something very unique which they do not get to eat back in their country. India is always known for its diversity across the world. We have people from different religion, culture, attire. But what makes us one is the mouth-watering food which we can get in every corner of the street. In every state and every city, people have different taste and different ways to prepare a single type of dish. Some people love to eat spicy and some people like simple food. But that simple food also tastes amazing.

People usually get bored with a single type of taste in a food. Dishes can be different but way of cooking it remains same. This makes the taste of food same every time. Chutnies were used from many years to add a wonderful taste in food but as time passed, people stopped using it. But again the time is revolving and people have started using Chutnies. In Southern part of India, chutney is used from a longer time and they still use it to make dishes taste luscious. There are some Chutnies which we can also use to make our food yummy and mouth-watering.

  • Chicken: So are you planning to eat chicken this Sunday? Thinking about a nice hotel? No need to go anywhere. You can cook it yourself and can add an amazing taste to it with this chutney. This chutney is a mixture of garlic, red chillies. Cumin seeds and many other ingredients. It is used to marinate the chicken and mainly used in the southern part of India.

  • Toast: Want to taste an amazing toast? Don’t eat it simple. Just spread the chutney and you will taste something out of this world. Mixed fruit chutney is available in market which is totally organic and will not harm children. With a piece of pickle with it will be cherry on cake. It will double the taste of toast.


  • Coconut Ginger Chutney: Coconut chutney is one of tastiest and famous chutney in It is used more in South India and is served with almost every dish in Southern part of India. It not only gives you the rich taste of coconut but also make your food totally different. The story does not finish over here. If we’ll eat garlic pickle with it, its taste will be doubled.

  • Apricot Chutney: Apricot chutney is another type of chutney which will add amazing taste to your food as it contains the paste of garlic and proper masala like chilli powder and cumin powder.

Food is the only thing which satisfies you. Do not compromise with the taste. To get a new and amazing taste you should use chutnies. You can click here to browse more products offered by Joy By Nature.


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