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The female vagina is a tube of muscle inside a woman's body that runs from the cervix to the vaginal opening. The external sex organs, which are known as the vulva, surround the opening. Vaginas naturally contain a balance of good required bacteria. There are good ones too! They basically help maintain a good and healthy pH balance ranging from 3.4-4.5. All women have same vaginal pH balance is a myth. Different women have different vaginal pH balance that depends on their lifestyle.Choosing the right product maintain vaginal hygiene. Taking care of one’s vagina not only helps fight bacterial growth but also helps one to feel good about them.


Regular cleaning of vagina must be done to avoid bacterial growth. Dead skin cells, oil and germs can build up in between theas well as inside ones vagina, so it’s important to rinse thoroughly. Whenever you are using the washroom make it a point to always wash your vagina every time. Nothing can be better than washing your vagina with an organic product.

Vaginal Discharge:

Every woman has vaginal discharge. Normal discharge appears white and yellowish when dry. It might also be a bit sticky. Changes might appear for many reasons like stress, fall in nutrition value, pregnancy, usage of birth control pills and obviously sexual arousal.

Signs of Abnormal Discharge or Leucorrhea 

If there is a change in color or the amount of discharge is much more might be a symbol of vaginal infection.

  • Fungal infection – Fungus like yeast can cause infection in the vagina
  • Sexually transmitted diseases – There are certain sexually transmitted diseases that can cause leucorrhea in many women. It is always better to use organic wash for leucorrhea.

  • Bad Toilet Habits - Women who have unhealthy toilet habits are likely to catch an infection. Often forgetting to remove tampons can cause unhygienic infections.
  • Stress – Women who are under constant stress and pressure are more likely to develop leucorrhea.

During that time of the Month

During menstruation it is seen that most women have an abnormal uterine bleeding. This can be caused due to hormonal imbalance. Amenorrhea can occur when a female misses her period for 3 or 4 times in a row. Why worry when our products can help you restore back to your normal health?

Organic products are said to contain herbs than help our body fight diseases and when is comes to maintain our personal hygiene nothing suits better than an organic product.

A healthy vagina means a healthy life

Who does not like to have a healthy vagina? An unhealthy and smelly vagina might cause sexual disputes between partners. We are here to help you out to have a healthy vagina than helps in rejuvenation, good stimulation.

Organic is safe

Always making a wise choice is better than regretting later. Take care for your personal health by going natural and organic so that harmful are not introduced that might hamper the normal vaginal pH balance. Try organic products and for more details click here.


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