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What is Masala Tea

Masala tea is a traditional tea from India and is known as “masala chai”, which is a combination of spices and aromatic herbs like ginger, cinnamon, elaichi or cardamom, clove, nutmeg, tulsi or basil and pepper.


The dominant flavor in the masala chai belongs to “green cardamom” and is the base of most of the masala chais. The other most commonly used spices, which may vary, are cinnamon stick for sweetness, fresh ginger for flavor, black peppercorns for that spicy taste and fennel seed to offer a licorice note. Other spices may also be used, most notably whole cloves, coriander seeds or star anise.

Why Drink Masala Tea

Masala tea is a storehouse of health benefits and you can gain from them by including a cup of masala chai in your daily diet.

  • Supports Our Immune System

The herbs and the spices contribute phytochemicals and antioxidants to the masala tea which work together and protect our immune system. The antioxidants help us to fight various diseases. Tea itself is a welcome beverage during the cold winter season to keep us warm. Cinnamon, clove, ginger and cardamom, with their immunity boosting properties, helps us in keeping coughs and colds away from us.

  • Improves our Digestive System

Tea, on its own, is highly acidic. Add ginger, which works to protect our digestive system, and it turns into a great digestive cutting out the acidic nature of tea. The clove and cardamom present in the masala tea improve the secretion of saliva and help in peristalsis, i.e. the movement of the food down the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Possesses Anti-Inflammatory Properties

All the herbs and spices in the masala tea <http://www.joybynature.com/collections/masala-tea> possess individual health benefits. They work in unison to help our body to fight inflammation, especially ginger. Another great ingredient which helps to reduce inflammation is clove, which is very effective in reducing inflammation in our muscles. Ginger and clove are, in fact, known painkillers.

  • Good for the Heart

One of the main constituents of masala chai is black tea which is rich in antioxidants. In addition, the spices clove and elaichi do the important work of improving the “good” cholesterol and reducing the “bad” cholesterol in our body, which helps in reducing the formation of plaque of arterial blocks. Besides, the tannins which are present in tea, helps in dilating the blood vessels thereby, regulating the heart rate and the blood pressure.

  • Helps Relieve PMS

Masala tea, with its muscle relaxing properties, helps to reduce abdominal discomfort during PMS. Clove, elaichi and cinnamon are known painkillers which can help you to deal with your pain during your menstrual cycles. The spices and herbs present in it helps to calm your nerves during this uneasy phase.

Helps to Overcome Fatigue

Above all, there is nothing to beat a cup of hot masala chai to overcome fatigue after a hard day. It has tannins which help the body to relax. Even though tea contains very less amount of caffeine, a stimulant, compared to coffee, it acts with the spices to defeat fatigue.

The many benefits offered by masala chai for the well-being and fitness of our health make it an ideal beverage to be included in our diet to protect our body. To know more about masala chai click here.


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