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Menstrual imbalance is indicative of many things, the most significant being improper health. It is essentially a result of increased stress, emotional imbalance and lack of proper vitamins and proteins in the diet. It is therefore necessary to have timely menstrual cycles to ensure your fitness and good health.

Don’t have menstrual cycles at proper intervals? Are you used to pain killers and drugs to force menstruations? If this is the case, you are slowly killing your body from inside. Do you know that proper nutritional diet and some health supplements in your diet can completely eliminate these menstrual problems? Proper menstrual cycles are a sure sign of perfect health. It points to the stable emotional and mental state of the female. Not only this, it helps maintain the essential vitality in your body.

Let us look into the reasons for this menstrual imbalance and why it needs your concern:

Tiring work schedule:

Are you a working mother or a young teenage girl into a hectic job? This tiring day routine builds up stress in your body causing menstrual imbalance.

Emotionally stressed:                 

Feelings of anger and resentment are natural but when they are allowed to ripen, they affect your emotional balance. Are you usually disturbed over things? Do you keep things in your heart and prevent them coming out? If this is the case, you need to go for meditation and other stress releasing tools. Switch to yoga or incorporate spiritual readings into your schedule. They will help to relax your adrenal glands regulating the hormones production.

Are you a beauty queen?          

Do you overuse nail polishes, deodorants, body sprays or other similar products? These products contains harmful toxic chemical which increase the pressure on liver detoxification mechanism. This results in improper menstrual cycles. If you care for your body and health, avoid daily use of body lotions, creams, serums, body sprays and like and switch to naturalproducts.

Excessive exercise or fatigue:

Are you usually into heavy works like lifting heavy containers in kitchen or while resetting your house or like? Do you take a lot of stress and worry unnecessarily over small things? Do not let yourself tire your body too much. Fatigue is one big cause of improper menstrual cycles.

Hope these information will make you more sincere to this monthly problem and you would take it more seriously. Health is wealth and pain killers are no solutions to daily problems. Don’t be so unfair to your body and health. For more details, please check.


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