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To have a youthful body with glowing skin is what every person who grows old dreams of. It isn't as difficult as it sounds; in fact it is quite easy to maintain your skin and body by following a regular healthy routine of good food and skin care products coupled with some exercise. Exercise isn't limited to just the body; the mind also needs some exercise to stay active, fit and healthy. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to have youthful energetic skin and body.

Some tips to stay forever 21:

  • Anti-Oxidants: Over time due to aging, foods that we eat and also due to other environmental factors there is an increase in the formation of free radicals in our body. These free radicals are one of the major components which bring the onset of aging. Thus to prevent the buildup of such harmful free radicals in our body it is necessary that we keep having a regular source of anti-oxidants in our diet. Foods such as grapes, carrots, green veggies, coffee etc, are rich in strong anti-oxidants.

  • Simple Skin Care: Using a cleanser to clean the skin of harmful germs and dirty grime helps in maintaining our skin. Using a moisturizer after that goes a long way in keeping the skin soft, supple and ready for the new day.
  • Anti-Aging Creams: These creams work wonders by helping tighten your skin as well as give it a healthy dose of anti-oxidant and vitamin C which helps the skin to rejuvenate itself as well as increase the skin regeneration
  • Eye Care: Cleansing and moisturizing of the eye should be done separately from that of the rest of the face. This is because the skin lining the eyes and eyelids are very delicate. Thus using gel based products separately for the eyes removes lines and wrinkles in that region while also preventing the formation of dark circles.

  • No Sugar!!: Yes, actively avoid consuming processed sugar as they are one of the biggest factors in bringing the onset of aging like free radicals. They bind to cellulose of the skin and thereby weaken and educe the composition of the skin and induce sagging and dullness of the skin. Thus avoid white sugar at all costs. They are also a leading cause of Diabetes(Type 2)
  • Massaging: As the saying goes a relaxed body is a healthy body and home to a healthy mind. Massaging helps free your muscles of their stress by loosening them up. They give a positive rejuvenating energy to your tired muscles and body. This itself sets back the onset of aging.
  • Exercise: There is nothing that beats exercise in keeping aging at bay. A regular fitness regime goes a long way in keeping your mind and body fit and healthy. Yoga is also a very good form of relaxing exercise that frees up your mind and muscles. Thus never forget your exercise!!

If you want to stay young and healthy then these simple tips can go a long way in helping you realize your dream. If you are interested in viewing some anti-aging skin care products.


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