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The onus of our health is our digestive system. Until we digest the ingested food, no energy will be produced that would keep us going healthily. We can take care of our digestive system with simple ways that do not need major effort or exertion. Here are few suggestions for keeping our digestive system healthy –

Eat Natural Foods

Fresh and natural foods are full of goodness and are powerful enough to keep our digestive system healthy. They contain natural and organic compounds that facilitate digestion and also the elimination of food.

Working Out

Simple but daily workout will go a long way in benefitting your digestive tract. Exercising will not just strengthen your abdominal muscles but also keep colon functioning efficiently.

Go for Organic Herbs

Plenty of organic herbs are available that would maintain the movement inside the digestive system. Various organic herbs and supplements contain fiber and stimulating enzymes. They detoxify the sluggish digestive tract and revamp its functioning.

Consume Probiotics Drinks

Probiotic is an incredible source to replenish digestive system of its good bacteria that actually moves the food towards digestion. Opt for organic probiotic supplements over artificial ones for optimal benefits.

Fiber, Fiber, Fiber

Fiber is the best friend of digestive system. It smoothly cleanses the intestine and even helps in losing weight. Eat fibrous foods like broccoli, apples, nuts, pears, whole grains, brown rice, beans etc to stay healthy and light.

Drink Enough Water

Water is an important medium that would break down food into simpler form for easy digestion and prevent constipation or bloating.

Green Juices

Drink fresh green juice for a wholesome dosage of fiber and nutrition. Green juices of celery, spinach, lime, cucumber, ginger etc will keep your digestive tract healthy.

Chew Well

Chew your food well and take smaller bites so that your digestive system doesn’t have to work harder in breaking down the ingested food. You will notice you don’t feel bloated after eating your meals and your bowel movement is also effortless.

Take in Plant Proteins

Include plant proteins like nuts, beans and soy foods etc to your daily diet.They contain unsaturated fats and would check your high cholesterol levels.

Magical Ginger Tea

Team up your meals with ginger tea and it would resolve all your digestive issues. The ginger concoction would relax the intestinal muscles and prevent abdominal cramps. Ginger is also known to activate bile, saliva and digestive enzymes.

Keep Dinner Lean

Instead of a sumptuous dinner, go for a hefty lunch-time meal. Dinner should be kept frugal. This is for the fact that our metabolism is at its best during middle of the day. Thus, at that time, our bodies secrete good amount of ‘digestive enzymes’ and help in moving the ingested food.

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