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When a person wakes up, he wishes to start his day with a healthy food which makes him feel healthy, fit and active throughout the day. This is only possible if one starts his day with a healthy meal. A healthy meal keeps the whole day stable and makes the person feel healthy as then he does not feel any acidity, pains, etc.

But one may easily get confused about what he should eat and what not. This question is the biggest dilemma that one faces every morning as he requires something healthy. The solution to this question is a bit difficult but it is not as complicated as there are a number of healthy options that one can choose upon. But the best results can be seen with the organic breakfast foods and tea.

To start your day with a fresh morning and a fresh mood, one must take a tea that is healthy and does not have any caffeine that may addict a person with it. The most suitable teas to start with a fresh morning are:

  • Tea

An organic tea is the best option to have as a bed tea because such teas do not have any type of caffeine in it which can make a person addicted to it. This tea is the best one to consume as a bed tea so that you start fresh and have a fresh mood. This tea is also very good in terms of improving digestion an improving your blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

  • Green tea

Green tea is the best source to start your day with as improves digestion and also helps in losing weight. Green tea has a number of benefits and has the capacity to improve your general health.

  • Tulsi tea

Tulsi tea has the extracts of tulsi which gives a wonderful flavour of tulsi and improves the aroma of your body. This tea has proper aroma of tea that makes a person feel fresh and active throughout the day.

  • Coffee

People who do not love tea prefer to drink coffee. One may easily count on organic coffee which is free from caffeine and makes a person feel active as tea does. This does the work of tea in a person’s life if they do not drink tea.

After tea, the question comes on to the breakfast. Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, it is necessary that a suitable breakfast must be chosen to start your day with a filling and healthy breakfast. According to dieticians, one must eat a light and a filling breakfast which would keep a person fit and active throughout the day. One may not feel sleepy after the breakfast as he may feel after having a heavy breakfast.

So the most suitable options for a healthy breakfast are:

  • Cereals

Cereals are something that is the most suitable for people who prefer having a healthy and quick breakfast. Cereals are suitable for people who are in a hurry and prefer something which is quick and easy. Organic cereals can be trusted the most as these are made of natural elements and serve with most of the benefits.

  • Flakes

Flakes are something that can be easily consumed with milk or any other source. These are again the quickest way to get a healthy breakfast which is filling and helps in making you feel active and filled throughout the day. Organic flakes are something that tops the priority list of a person as these have the pure vitamins and minerals and serve with the best effects.

  • Quinoa

Quinoa is the most preferred breakfast by many as these can be consumed salty and sweet, in both ways. Quinoa helps in improving your digestion and making you feel active. Quinoa is extremely good in providing the right amount of fibre to the body. Also, this is the most suitable source for losing weight.

  • Muesli

Muesli is a meal that can be taken at any point of time and can serve with the best benefits each time it is consumed. This product is best when its organic version is consumed. This provides a person with an apt meal and is best for the breakfast. This provides the right amount of proteins and carbs to a person and also is very low on calories. Hence, one can say that it helps in giving the person energy and losing weight.

These products are the best for making you feel active and your tummies filled with a healthy tea and breakfast. Therefore, one may easily count on such organic products to eliminate all impure and unhealthy things that can be consumed in breakfast. All these products act as a suitable breakfast for people who are extremely busy in life and prefer to eat something healthy that may help them throughout their busy day.


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