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 Enriched with iron, protein, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, calcium, vitamin B6, phosphorus, protein and fibers, sesame oil is rightly called ‘ the queen of oils’. Discovered first in Egypt, the sesame seeds have more nutritional value than one can imagine. It is not very popular as a cooking oil, but once you adopt sesame oil in your regular cooking routine, you would never see yourself going back to your previous oil. Naturally, sesame oil is credited to cure many health ailments. Here we are listing down the most important benefits.

  1. It Works Wonders For Your Skin

    Sesame oil helps control eruptions and neutralizes the impurities which develop both on the surface of the skin and in the pores. It also makes the skin firmer, hence conceals the signs of ageing. Vitamin E contained in sesame oil acts as an excellent antioxidant thus it is useful as a natural sunscreen lotion. Free radicals and oxidation that come with sun exposure can damage your skin. It will be a great idea to say no to your chemical based sunscreen and use sesame oil instead. Sesame oil can be the best alternative. Sesame oil is also known to soothe burns and prevent skin related disorders. Besides vitamin E, sesame oil also contains linoleic acids, citric acids, and palmitic acids. This results in sesame oil being a great natural moisturizer as well.
  2. It’s Rich In Protein

Having a protein rich diet already helps one combat a lot of health problems or rather does not let health problems surface.Sesame seeds offer 4.7 grams of protein per ounce, giving it a perfect place in a high-protein vegetarian diet.

  1. Sesame Oil Helps Prevent Diabetes

Because of the presence of magnesium, zinc and other nutrients, sesame oil works well to combat diabetes. One study, published in 2011 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that sesame oil “improved the effectiveness of the oral antibiotic drug glibenclamide in type 2 diabetic patients”. Another study concluded that “substitution of sesame oil as the sole edible oil has an additive effect in further lowering BP and plasma glucose in hypertensive diabetics”.

  1. It Helps Maintain Oral Health

Sesame oil is very effective in removing dental plaque and boosting oral health. By engaging in an activity known as oil pulling, which involves holding the oil in the mouth and then rinsing it. By this activity you can boost oral health and even whiten your teeth.

  1. It Makes Your Bones Stronger

Zinc contained in sesame oil has been known to boost bone mineral density and bone health as a whole. Studies show a high level of correlation between zinc deficiency and osteoporosis in the hip and spine area and sesame oil being abundantly enriched with zinc makes it a good source to maintain bone health. Additionally, sesame seeds are a great source of calcium – a known trace mineral that is essential for bone health and preventing related conditions.

  1. Sesame Oil Helps In Preventing As Well As Curing Cold And Airborne Infections

For children going to school, who will be in the presence of other children with colds and sniffles, sesame seed oil swabbed in the nose can protect against airborne viruses and bacteria. If used regularly, it also helps in preventing oneself from catching cold and other infections from pathogens.

  1. It Helps Make The Food Easily Digestible

Sesame seeds are rich in fiber, which is known to pave way for a healthy digestive system and a healthy colon. So food cooked in sesame oil, naturally, is lighter on the stomach and easily digestible.

  1. Sesame Oil Helps Prevent Asthma

Being magnesium rich, sesame oil is able to prevent asthma and other respiratory disorders by preventing airway spasms. It can also be applied on the nose and the forehead in order to cure pain and just relax.

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