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Rock salt is considered to be the purest form of salt. When the sea water evaporates on inland rocks by natural sunlight and heat, rock salt is formed. Rock salt contains a higher amount of nutrients compared to regular sea salt, thus reduces the possibilities of health issues like high blood pressure and temporary water retention. It is usually found in crystal form in different colors like pink, blue, grey depending on what purities it contains. There are numerous reasons to include rock salt in our daily lives, here is a list, to innumerate a few.

  1. Gastric Problems

Being laxative in nature, it improves digestion, aids appetite, reduces gas and acidity and soothes heartburn. This in turn also helps in weight loss. All you have to do is replace your regular salt with rock salt in your cooking and see the difference. Another thing you can do, to reduce acidity is, take a rock salt water bath, this might sound weird but is a very effective home remedy. Adding a pinch of salt with one teaspoon of ginger juice increases appetite and aids digestion.

  1. Cardiovascular Diseases

Being rich in potassium, it helps to reduce and stabilize high blood pressure. It is very beneficial for multiple heart-related disorders.

  1. Respiratory Infections

Gargling with rock salt mixed with warm water help to relieve from throat pain, throat inflammation, whooping cough, tonsils. It is great for people suffering from sinus or asthma as it helps to reduce the inflammation on the internal respiratory organs.

  1. Oral Care

If next time someone asks you, ‘does your toothpaste have salt?’ tell them that you directly use rock salt. Rock salt is one of the oldest and most used remedies for oral care. Rinsing your mouth with rock salt dissolved in warm water, helps to reduce gum inflammation, whitens the teeth, soothes the tooth cavity related pain and prevents your mouth from gum diseases like gingivitis.

  1. Skin Care

Rock salt can be part of your daily bath regime since it can be used as a bath salt. Many of the bath salts available in the market are made out of rock salt. It soothes sore muscles, removes all the fatigue, reduces stress and anxiety by relaxing your body, detoxifies it, regulates sleep and prevents water retention thus reducing the puffiness under your eyes and other parts of the body. Large chunks of rock salts can be used as body scrubs. This scrub will exfoliate your skin, removing all the debris and dead skin and leave it smooth, supple, soft and blemish free. You can also mix rock salt with different ingredients to enhance the effectiveness of the scrub. Mixing it with green tea will help to detoxify your body. A mixture of rock salt and coffee will reduce the puffiness and water retention.

  1. Pain Reliever

Rock salt works wonders to relieve body pain and fatigue. If you are suffering from muscular cramp, you can mix half a tablespoon of rock salt with warm water and sip it at an interval. It reduces inflammation from the body and thus relieves pain related to arthritis. It strengthens the bones and connective tissues.

  1. Hair Benefits

Due to it’s huge cleansing and detoxifying properties, rock salt is very beneficial to be used as a hair cleanser. It removes the dead skin from your body without reducing the natural oil that your scalp produces. This is the reason why some shampoos have rock salt as their ingredients. You can wash your hair with water mixed with rock salt to get the same benefits. You can also mix it with your shampoo and wash your hair with this shampoo, it will help to strengthen your hair and add volume to it.

  1. Other Health Benefits

It detoxifies the body, replenishes the electrolytes and maintains the pH balance in the body.

Now that you know, all the benefits of rock salt, why don’t replace your regular table salt with rock salt. Let the rock salt, rock your world. To know more benefits of rock salt, click here.


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