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Carefully selecting the elements of your diet can aid you in adding all essential nutrients in balanced way. Flaxseeds are one such essential dietary component which is rich in many nutrients. It is for the nutritive value that it has been gaining the repute of a superfood. Its consumption has its own benefits, but careful consumption is what is needed. Read on to know the facts about these tiny seeds to get clear picture of health benefits and ways to add flaxseeds to your daily diet.

Flaxseeds are packed with nutrient to help children, adults as well as elder age groups that makes it a good component of your diet. Here are few facts about this plant product.

  • If we talk of its composition, these seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acid (50 to 60 % of weight). These fatty acids help human body in many ways like bringing down cholesterol levels, boosting heart’s health, guiding body to reduce bone loss which is otherwise quick in diabetic patients and acting as rich lubricant for joints.

  • Flaxseeds can be consumed in whole form or ground to be added to dishes or even used as oil (Flaxseed oil- dietary supplement). The first two give more fibre as compared to the oil while oil gives more omega 3 fats as compared to other two. The fat content of these seeds is sensitive and readily gets oxidised when comes in contact with air. Such traits of these seeds make using freshly ground or whole seeds a better way of consumption. If you have ground seeds, then it should be strictly stored in air tight containers in cool places as is true with flaxseed oil. Otherwise both these products get rancid quiet easily and quickly.

  • Apart from its fat content flaxseeds are also in health talk because of their protein density which is many times more than that of peanuts and cashews. Additionally, the high vitamin B and potassium levels of these tiny health bombs are what give it great nutritive value. Regulated consumption thus is advisable for children and adults with good metabolism. Those with week or improper metabolism should consult their physician before including random amounts in the diet.
  • Antioxidants present in flaxseeds make it a good friend of those wanting to keep of visible signs of aging while its fibre content works in favour of those watching their kilos. These antioxidants along with specific proteins make flaxseeds a health booster for hair and skin. Fibre rich flaxseeds and their nature to swell up inside intestine after ingestion help avoid over eating thus keeping weight gain at bay.
  • Flaxseeds also have lignan in them. Lignan is a type of phytoestrogen which helps in boosting immunity and has also been in conversation for its beneficial effects in fighting cancer or delaying tumour growths. Several trials have spoken positively about phytoestrogen’s role especially against colon and breast cancer.

With the above information, flaxseeds definitely prove to be health boosters when consumed moderately and not liberally. Including this fat and nutrient rich product in small quantities in bread spreads mayonnaise, cereal and salad dressings or even in cookie and cake batter are some easy and delicious ways of including it in diet. While selecting flaxseeds from the supermarket, be sure to have in your basket organic whole flaxseeds or cold compressed flaxseed oil and wave off the possibility of using any of its chemically processed forms.

Weighing negatives of the product can help you regulate the intake while going through the positives only, can result in over consumption. High fibre content of flaxseeds can pose a little problem for some. Especially those with irritable bowel syndrome should avoid consuming flaxseed because of its very potent laxative effect. Excess intake in any case can lead to bloating and cramping in the stomach. Some studies have also denied the use of flaxseeds especially ground seeds by pregnant women and men prone to prostate cancer. Its high ALA content can be riskier in exaggerating the condition or creating complications. Be it children or adult those not falling in above categories can consume these nutrient rich seeds but starting with small amounts to adjust the body to its effects is always suggested.

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