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Organic flakes and cereals play a major role in providing some major health benefits over the conventional food items. They have seemingly been preferred sincea long period of time. For a healthy breakfast people have been resorting to cereals owing to the fact that they are predominantly staple foods and they have a lot of benefits if included in the diet. If you need energy rich food or food items which have a high score on complex carbohydrates and fibre, cereals ought to be the right choice for you.

Organic Flakes

Organic flakes have a number of health benefits when compared to non-organic cereals.The cereals can be called rich in iron and fibre content. This is the predominant reason as to why they account for a lot of energy.  Barley, oat and whole wheat have been recognised to be enriched with fibre, thiamine, iron and riboflavin.  These cereals also play a major role in curing some major ailments in the human body. For instance they play a fundamental role in lowering blood sugar levels and cholesterol as well. The soluble bran present in the organic flakes helps to aid in immunizing the body against potential heart diseases. Cereals have also been known to be high in protein content. Organic flakes are mostly eaten mixed with milk. Due to this reason it would be fair to say that the breakfast turns out to be protein-rich and healthy.

Why should we have organic flakes for breakfast?

Whole wheat is found to be a major constituent of cereals. Whole wheat is said to be rich in fibre and carbohydrate. The organic flakes help to prevent major health diseases like obesity. Organic flakes also keep fatal heart diseases like heart attack at bay. The reason as to why whole wheat is good for health is due to its relatively low fat content. Higher fat content is a major reason for occurrence of heart diseases.  Over the years, high nutrient value in wheat has led it to be considered as a whole diet. It is no wonder that it is a major part of organic breakfast.

Advantages of organic flakes

  • Organic flakes have been found to subsequently control obesity among people. It is much more prominent in women and whole wheat has been considered a better breakfast substitute compared to refined wheat.



  • They also help to considerably reduce blood cholesterol levels. The flakes are low in fat content and therefore help to keep the heart in good shape.
  • Conventional breakfast items have been found to have saturated fat and trans- fat content as well. This is the main reason behind the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and major heart ailments. Cereals are low in fat content and this helps to avoid such a scenario. The major benefit of using whole grains and organic flakes is that they help to increase metabolism in the body and have been found to be extremely helpful to people with any type of metabolic disorder.
  • Organic flakes are natural inhibitors of diabetes (type-2) and chronic inflammation diseases as well. Wheat is rich in nutrients and magnesium. Magnesium is a major co-factor for a majority of enzymes (over 300) and therefore it helps to initiate enzyme metabolism in the body. Whole wheat also helps to fight off chronic inflammation due to the presence of a compound called betaine. The consumption of betaine also helps to refrain from major ailments like Alzheimer’sdisease, osteoporosis and major heart diseases as well.
  • Gall bladder stones are quite common nowadays and in order to avoid them, it would be a wise idea to resort to an organic diet. Cereals and organic flakes like whole wheat help to prevent gall-bladder stone formation. The insoluble fibre present in cereals and organic flakes help to improve digestion by enhancing intestinal functioning and reducing bile acid secretions.

Invariably the staple diet has its very own set of advantages over the others. It is high in fibre, helps to push off fatal diseases and at the end of the day ensures a healthy lifestyle.

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