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A lot of people assume, especially in recent times, that all non-vegetarian food is just bad. While it is true that an excess of red meat is bad for the heart, lean meats like chicken and fish are non-threatening and in fact contain several essential nutrients that aren’t present in vegetables and fruits. These nutrients are required by your body for wholesome growth and therefore an inclusive diet which takes the best of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods is ideal for optimum health.

And if you’re a vegetarian that recognizes the importance of fish in your diet and wish to include it, there is an elegant alternative. Fish Oil Capsules are readily available in the market and contain all the nutrition you can get from fish. These capsules have made it possible for nearly everybody to take advantage of the richness present in fish in an easy and simple manner.

Let us look into the myriad health benefits that fish oil capsules can provide:-

  1. It keeps the heart healthy

Your heart is an extremely vital organ and it is crucial to take good care of it. Heart problems plague a lot of people these days and one way to keep your name off that long list of people is to take fish oil regularly.

Not only does fish oil deal with heart arrhythmias and keeps the heart healthy, it also reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and stimulates the production of good cholesterol (HDL). Reduced bad cholesterol means lower risk of atherosclerosis which means that your arteries won’t get blocked and obstruct the flow of blood.

Fish oil is ultimately one of the healthiest foods for keeping cardiovascular diseases at bay.


  1. It can help you lose weight

For those people looking to shed some extra kilos, fish oil maybe an ideal addition to their diet. The support that fish oil provides to your body means that when you work out in the gym, your body will lose more weight. Due to its effects on the metabolism, fish oil can bolster the efficacy of your work out.

In a research study from Australia, it was discovered that people who were given fish oil lost more weight than those who didn’t consume it on a regular basis, thus proving the connect between fish oil and weight loss.

  1. It boosts the body’s immunity

Fish oil can be even more beneficial for your body by strengthening it from within. It has several key nutrients, especially omega 3 fatty acids, which help to boost the body’s immunity and thus protect you from a number of diseases. Common diseases like flu or cold will stay far from you if you consume fish oil. This is because the nutrients in fish oil increase the count and activity of cytokines that are found in the body, thus providing your immune system a much needed shot in the arm, as it battles against various diseases and pathogens.


  1. It can battle depression

Recent research has indicated that there may be a link between consuming fish oil and lower levels of depression and anxiety in patients. A US study claims that fish oil can be a vital treatment for bipolar patients as it helps to stabilize their moods. This link between fish oil and psychological disorders is due to the presence of omega 3 fatty acids in it, which is known to be potent in treating mental fatigue, anxiety, stress etc.

  1. It can help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is an incredibly crippling disease in which the patient’s brain begins to physically disintegrate, causing them to slowly pass into terrible dementia. There is no known cure for this disease, making it even more important that we prevent it any possible way.

A diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids is known to work well in protecting the brain from this disease. Fish oil can therefore be considered effective in preventing long term neuro-damage. 

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