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More than a general fitness, many individuals seem to put the overall look, specifically the tone of the body, as their number one priority in their fitness regime. And it's no easy task to bring the body to a visibly impressive state. It's a thorough combination of exercise, diet and supplements that bring those results about, and only in time.

But what it firming? Simply put, it's the building up of muscle and losing of body fat. A sufficiently low level of body fat will make the muscle show through, giving it that chiseled, flat and firm look that everyone wants so much. This is why it is not a matter of simply performing exercises or choosing the right diet.

Furthermore, increasing the number of reps in your workout will not make your body more firm - this is an important point to consider.

So then, an adequate amount of exercise, combined with a nutritious diet and a supplement, will get you on the quickest possible road to a firm body.

The Anti Cellulite Cream is one such supplement that can help the firming process. To aid its use, 8 exercises are listed below. Perform them regularly and you'll definitely see improvements in due time.

  1. Inchworm

The inchworm is an exercise that focuses on the abs. It may look easy, but it's actually of a fairly intermediate difficulty.

Stand straight and bring your fingers to your toes. Now, with your feet flat on the ground, move your hands forward (similar to how a baby crawls). You should almost be in a standard push-up position. Your feet should be as they were in the beginning at this point. Now bring your feet forward to a point where you are in a position that is identical to earlier. Repeat.

  1. Jackknife

A mighty exercise that can test both the beginner and the experienced. Your abs will delight from all the pain they are going to experience.

Lie down on the floor. Extend your arms behind your head. You are going to bend forward and your waist and butt will be the point at which your body bends. Bend forward, bringing your hands and legs together, almost touching. Your upper body must also be off of the floor.

  1. Side Plank

The side plank is a beginner's workout.

Lie on a side of your body, with your legs straight. Now push yourself up with your arm that's closer to the floor. Your body must be slanted. Keep your other hand on your hip. Hold this position for as long as you can. Lower yourself and repeat.

  1. Pilates Hundred

The Pilates hundred is a great exercise because it focuses on the core part of the body. Your abs will really feel the heat when you perform this exercise.

Start by lying down on the floor, keeping your arms at your sides. Keeping your feet on the floor, bend your knees to form a 45 degree angle. Now, lift your head, neck and chest up off of the floor, and bring them forward to your knees. Your outstretched hands should have its palms facing down. Bring yourself back to rest. Repeat for an appropriate amount of reps.

  1. Push Ups

The ever-trusted push-up finds a place in the niche of body firming as well. The exercise asks for the involvement of many muscles across the whole body, so it is ideal for toning your body. If you're having trouble with push-ups, you can start with the easier wall push-up variant. Conversely, if it poses no challenge, you can try fist push-ups or bringing your body closer to the ground, both of which are much harder than they might sound.

The principle behind firming up your body is by itself very simple: build muscle and lose fat. The execution is where the challenge lies. It takes dedication as well, as with most body workouts, you can't expect to see results immediately, no matter how much one wishes it.

With that in mind, work hard, stay determined and stick to the recommended triple combination. In a little over a month, those muscles should start showing through.

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