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Nature has made provisions for all with her flora and fauna. Her answer to the aerated sugar laden cold drinks is Coconut water known popularly in India as Nariyal pani. Hawaiians call it Dews from the Heaven. During World War II, British and Japanese soldiers used coconut water as IV and plasma transfusions in the emergency room. Coconut is found abundantly in India and has been used for centuries for it numerous uses. Coconut water is used largely for its cooling, medicinal and healing qualities. This simple clear drink is packed with electrolytes, minerals, and bioactive enzymes. It is high in potassium, manganese, magnesium, glucose, Vit. K, Vit. C, Vit. B and folic acid. 


Coconut water is one of those few things which are actually encouraged to be taken regularly during pregnancy.  It helps increase levels of amniotic fluid and maintains foetus health. Coconut water works wonders against acidity and heartburns. It is essentially fat free and has zero cholesterol. One cup of coconut water contains only 46 calories and can be enjoyed by weight watchers without guilt. It is ideal for weight loss as it is low in fats, gives a feeling of fullness and reduces food cravings.People suffering from diabetes, hypertension and kidney diseases can enjoy this drink too. It aids blood circulation and prevent plaque buildup in the arteries. Due to its diuretic nature, coconut water increases flow of urine. When out in the hot summer sun drinking coconut water helps replace the electrolytes lost and helps prevent dehydration and sunstroke. In case of diarrhea it replenishes the body fluids and in case of constipation, when taken in excess, it acts as a laxative. Coconut water contains high levels of lauric acid. This boosts the immune system and helps the body fight against fungal, bacterial and viral infections. It contains cytokinins which are known for their anti-ageing and anti-carcinogenic effects. Coconut water helps prevent osteoporosis, maintain bone and teeth health due to its high calcium content.

It is a natural hair tonic for hair and scalp related problems. Direct application of coconut water to hair and scalp can help treat dryness, itchy scalp, and hair breakage. It conditions hair and also helps in hair growth. Due to its high anti oxidant content, coconut water helps to revitalize skin. It moisturizes, prevents acne by cleaning out oily pores and hydrates skin from within. It helps remove suntan when added to fuller’s earth for a natural daily scrub.

 Do keep in mind the difference between coconut water and coconut milk. Coconut milk contains natural fats and is high in calorie. Coconut water brings nutrients in to regular diet in a simple and economical way.



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