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Often we find are older generations mention many organic products citing their immense benefits. Ever heard of “molasses”. Molasses are a viscous syrup that emerges as one of the by-products in the processing of sugarcane. Molasses can of various kinds - Cane Molasses, Sulfured Molasses, Unsulfured molasses and Hydrol. But the most beneficial of these is Blackstrap Molasses.

Blackstrap Molasses is obtained when sugarcane juice is boiled thrice. While the first boiling produces cane sugar, a second boiling molasses, a third boiling produces a dark, thick and sticky liquid called Blackstrap Molasses.

While its refined counterpart -sugar- as we find in the superstores and buy for our daily consumption can be toxic and unhealthy, blackstrap molasses is highly nutritious and is often touted among the superfood genre for its rich content of the essential vitamins and minerals especially manganese, potassium, vitamin B6 and selenium – an important anti-oxidant.

Did you know that these lowest sugar content sweeteners bring with them loads of health benefits? Yes! Add this wonder food to your diet and reap unmatched health benefits. Some of the benefits of Blackstrap Molasses at a glance include:

  • Obesity control
  • Healthy hair growth
  • Improved sexual health
  • Healthy bones & teeth
  • Stabilization of blood sugar levels among diabetics
  • Superb laxative to treat constipation
  • Relief from menstrual cramps
  • Treatment of cancer

While the health benefits that one can derive from the regular consumption of blackstrap molasses can make an endless list, following are some of the highlighting benefits that one can enjoy by including Blackstrap molasses as part of one’s diet plan.

Lowest Sugar Content Sweetener: A Perfect Fit for Diabetics

If you are diabetic or if you are looking for a healthy option to put to rest your sweet cravings, Blackstrap molasses is the answer to your prayers! Though it may add the same level of carbohydrates as the other sugars, this sugar substitute is digested and absorbed very slowly into the bloodstream, thereby helping to stabilize your blood sugar levels.

Unlike refined sugar, the glycemic load of blackstrap molasses is quite moderate (just55!), which makes it avoid sugar spikes in the bloodstream. Moreover, it is fat free and low on calories too, making it a befitting sugar substitute for a weight management diet plan.

Good Source of Calcium & Magnesium: Your Bone Promoter!

Blackstrap molasses has a rich composition of both calcium and magnesium, plus other minerals like iron that go a long way in promoting bone health and safeguarding against bone-related illnesses like osteoporosis. In fact, the calcium-magnesium ratio that blackstrap molasses provides is ideal for the proper growth and development of bones and teeth.

Rich in Iron: Good for Blood

Lack of the required amount of iron in the blood can lead to anemia which further causes weakness in the body. Blackstrap molasses, being a good source of iron, is particularly beneficial for people with a history of anemia and in the case of pregnant women who need more that the daily dietary requirement of iron.

Packed with Minerals For Your Hair!

Worried about damaged, frizzy hair?! Blackstrap molasses is an excellent remover of hair frizziness. Add some molasses to warm water and apply to hair or mix it with your shampoo or some coconut milk. Keep this on for 15 minutes and then wash off for smooth, frizz-free hair.

Blackstrap molasses contain copper, which is beneficial in rebuilding the hair structure thus improving the hair quality, inducing hair growth in men and in the restoration of the natural hair colour with regular consumption over time.

Say Goodbye To Constipation

Laxative qualities - Blackstrap has natural laxative properties and is a natural stool softener, thus regularizing your bowel movements.

Wondering what could be the best way to include blackstrap molasses in your diet! Try taking it as a health supplement. Mix about 1-2 tbsp. of it into a cup of boiling water and allow the mixture to cool. Now drink this syrup, ideally empty-stomach in the morning.

Always use organic blackstrap molasses for best results as the organic variety is unadulterated and devoid of Sulphur.

Check out the benefits of organic blackstrap molasses in greater details here.


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