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Rice is one of the staple foods in many states of India. In fact now with the cultures of different states mingling with each other, more and more wheat eating people have also started including rice in their daily meals. There are many different food preparations made from rice like pulao, biryani and khichdi. In fact there are some online stores specializing in the sale of organic grains and food ingredients. You can compare several such stores online and choose the ones that offer the best products at the most reasonable price. As mentioned above many dishes are made with rice as the primary ingredient, but the most mentionable among them is biryani.

Most people who are fond of food will prefer to eat biryani made only from long grain basmati rice. In the online grain stores you will be able to buy brown basmati which has a delectable aroma and delicious taste along with the dietary benefits of unrefined rice. Let us see why brown rice is a healthy food choice for all.

What is brown rice and why it is recommended

Brown rice is the unrefined rice which still has the side hull and bran. This in turn preserves the natural wholeness of the grain and also has high amount of nutrients like thiamine, protein, calcium, magnesium, fiber and potassium. It is especially beneficial for people who have diabetes and who want to lose weight. Like most whole grains brown rice has a low Glycemic index which prevents the blood sugar levels from fluctuating between very high and very low. Apart from this fact brown rice has all the nutrients which even fortified refined rice does not have. This is the reason that most nutritionists and medical professionals recommend rice with the hull and bran.

High selenium and manganese content

Brown rice has high amount of selenium which reduces the risk of the occurrence of serious ailments like cancer, arthritis and heart disease. At the same time one cup of brown rice contains 80% of the daily requisite of manganese. Manganese is essential for the synthesis of fats and also benefits our nervous system and reproductive system.

High amounts of naturally occurring oils

Brown rice contains naturally occurring oils which are beneficial for the body and help normalize the blood cholesterol levels.

Rich in anti oxidants

Usually anti oxidants are associated with rich foods like strawberries, blueberries and other vegetables and fruits. However, few people know that brown rice is also as rich in anti oxidants as these well known foods.

This is the reason that brown rice is fast replacing the refined variety in most parts of the world including India. It is also easily available on the internet and if you wish to know about its availability online you can click here.


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