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Sesame oil comes from sesame seeds and is considered as one of the healthiest oils in cooking vegetables. Besides adding the flavor to your dishes, this oil contains omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber which helps in fighting cancer and promotes many other health conditions. Listed below is a quick checklist to include this oil in your daily cooking:

  • Hair and skin – Sesame is used for hair darkening and reducing hair loss. The foreign bodies which may attack and damage your scalp are also eliminated with the anti-bacterial properties of sesame oil. Its richness in zinc increases skin elasticity and reduces premature aging. It acts as a natural sunscreen on skin and protects it from toxins. It is this property of sesame oil which makes it ideal for massaging purpose and treating skin fungal diseases.
  • HeartSesame oil contains fatty acids which help in making food delicious. These polyunsaturated fatty acids help you cardiovascular system balanced and cholesterol levels under check. Even if the cholesterol levels have increased in body, consistent use of sesame oil reduces the same thus making you fit and protected against heart stroke. 
  • Oral Health – Dentists recommend sesame oil to take care of your teeth and gums. Out this oil in your mouth and swish it inside completely before you spit it. This will make your teeth whiter, reduce plaque and form protective covering on your teeth which makes your chances of getting oral ill-health minimal.
  • Women healthSesame oil treats a lot of conditions in women and is an important source of essential vitamins at different stages of their lives:
    * Osteoporosis – Sesame seeds are a great source of zinc and calcium and these minerals are needed to prevent osteoporosis in women. Zinc is important for the proper absorption of calcium in body and the presence of both these minerals in sesame is an advantage for the body.
    * Fetus health – Folic acid is much needed by growing fetus. Sesame seed is loaded with folic acid and is highly recommended for consumption by pregnant women. DNA synthesis of fetus and the mother’s health are positively impacted when folic acid based sesame oil is incorporated in the diet.
  • Bone density – Amino acids and proteins present in sesame oil are essential for bone growth in children. 

Sesame oil can be directly and easily incorporated in daily diet. All you have to do is put sesame seeds in salads or use sesame oil in cooking your daily meal.

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