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Lemon tea is prepared by boiling lemon and cinnamon along with regular tea leaves and sugar in water for about five minutes. The result is a refreshing and hot beverage that dissolves all the nutritional qualities of lemon and cinnamon. It is also very tasty drink and produces an instant aura of freshness. Lemon tea is a preferred choice for morning or evening beverages in various household, cafes and restaurants. Here are some good reasons to drink a glass of lemon tea every day.


The citric content of lemon aids the digestive system to produce necessary enzymes and acids required to digest the food. It naturally enhances the cleansing action by flushing toxins out of the digestive systems with its vitamins and minerals. It is very effective relief for indigestion, bloating, heartburn and acid reflux.


Our body primarily constitutes of essential fluids. They are obtained by the act of hydration, which is nothing but intake of water. The absence of hydration is detrimental to the body’s health and aging curve. When we sleep for hours without water, we are at the risk of de-hydration. There are many practices in various cultures that combat de-hydration after sleep, and the most popular one is consumption of lemon tea. It is capable of speeding up the body’s re-hydration process.

Appearance of Skin

The hydration process brought about by the consumption of lemon tea is also useful to improve the look of our skin. It also supplies essential nutrients such as Vitamin C which produces a protein called collagen to produce new cells and populates the blood vessels in the skin. It is also necessary to build up new ligaments and tissues in the scarred areas, and therefore speeds up the healing process.

pH Balance

Alkaline are necessary to maintain the balance of acids in our body. Lemon is one of the best naturally available alkalizing product. Regular supply of lemon to the body with lemon tea will naturally improve the body’s ability to acid level balance.


Lemon tea is a rich reserve of antioxidants which help in promoting the body immunity. The potassium content serves the nervous system and brings the blood pressure under control. It is one of the best ways to keep disorders such as asthma and inflammation away.

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