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Effects of Ageing on the skin:

Your skin tends to degrade with age. This may be due to numerous factors such as exposure of harsh sunlight, lifestyle or simply due to the effect of time. Some effects of ageing on the skin:

  • Fine lines: During your late 30’s or early 40’s, the skin around the face tends to develop fine lines around the forehead region, the mouth and upper cheeks.
  • Elasticity of skin: Another effect of ageing on skin is that it becomes less elastic. Due to this, the eyelids tend to droop, the earlobes lengthen anda double chin is formed.
  • Bruising: When the skin is exposed to sunlight for long durations of time, elastin fibers in the skin break down. This makes the skin bruise and tear easily and bruises take a longer time to heal.

Skin care tips to prevent ageing:

Listed below are some tips and tricks to ensure that your skin looks flawless and youthful as ever, and prevent anti-ageing:

  • Sesame oil to the rescue:

Sesame oil is the perfect budget friendly product to use on your skin to prevent ageing . Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E, it is not only a natural sunscreen, but also acts as a detoxifying agent to remove toxins from the surface of the skin. The antioxidant called sesamol prevents formation of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin, without causing any harmful side effects. It also repairs damaged cells, giving the skin a youthful glow.

  • Down that red wine:

Red wine prevents ageing like none other. Rich in the antioxidant resveratrol, they absorb all the free radicals which contribute to ageing and age-related diseases.It not only makes the skin free of wrinkles, but also lightens acne scars, helps moisturise skin from within and gives a beautiful glow to the skin.

  • Go nuts:

Nuts have a wide range of skin and health benefits. Studies however show that eating nuts regularly helps combat ageing . Nuts such as Brazil nuts possess vitamin A and E which promote collagen production in the skin. This collagen not only gives you smoother and firmer skin, but also flushes out toxins from the body, preventing acne and skin inflammation.

  • Braise those beans:

According to studies conducted in Australia and other parts of the world, people who consumed legumes, especially beans on a regular basis had less wrinkly skin as opposed to those who did not. Legumes as a whole are extremely rich in antioxidants. Legumes do not lose their antioxidant properties by oxidizing easily and hence are perfect to help prevent ageing . They prevent the skin from sagging or looking dull and give it an instant brightness and youthfulness.

  • Tea time:

A very important factor that leads to ageing is stress. Stress causes imbalance in the normal functioning of your system, in turn affecting your biological cycle and fastens the ageing process. A cup of tea is not only rich in antioxidants that nourish the skin, but also helps you unwind after a long stressful day.

  • Fish friendly:

Omega 3 fatty acids which are present in fish have a profound effect on the body. Omega 3 supplements, prevent anti-ageing and prevents the risk of any heart diseases. They ease fine lines from the skin and combat dry and flaky skin. It helps moisturise the skin from within, making it look soft and supple all day long.


Other lifestyle changes:

Apart from consuming the above-mentioned foods, some lifestyle changes must be made to prevent ageing to a great extent. These include:

  • Six to seven hours of ideal sleep.
  • Avoid consumption of liquor and smoking.
  • Use as minimum make up on your skin as possible.
  • Consume lots of water to keep your body and skin hydrated.
  • Exercise to keep your body fit and young.

Thus, ageing can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle, not being a prey to habits like smoking and drinking and eating economical foods rich in antioxidants rather than using chemicals on the skin and eating supplements that may in the long run, cause harm to the body.


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