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Every eye colour has a set of makeup kits which can give them the most tempting look.

  1. Brown eyes are the luckiest ones, as they can wear any colour on their eyes. Don’t worry about the colour of mascara or eye liner. But one best combination is using a brown shaded eye liner with tons of mascara.
  2. For the black-eyed ones, slightly lesser shade of colours suits them. Chocolate Brown and Light Gold coloured shadows make eyes stand out. You can also prefer to use jet black or even grey on them. Try for a shade of some glossy maroon or purple too.
  3. For making those blue eyes look lovely use the lesser common colours like green and soft blue for taking beauty to another level. A brown or violet mascara will makes them look just beautiful.
  4. Grey eyes has to be supplied with quite a bit of sparkle and shine around. The best colours include Charcoal, Mauve and any shade of Brown.
  5. Bluish Green Eyes: Already blessed with a lot of colour, one having them don’t have to apply a lot of makeup. Just use a green, gold or peach coloured eye liner for that punch.
  6. Those whose eyes are small, it is recommended to use a pencil liner on the outer lash to make them big and carnivorous.
  7. Play with the shades if you are big-eyed. Remember, light brown in the brown going to a darker shade in the V.
  8. If it’s those Chinese eyes, keep them rich in mascara. And use a light single coloured eye  liner.

Eyes, being a very sensitive organ can be easily irritated by chemicals used in makeups and makeup cleanser. Use the benefit of nature to effectively remove makeup while leaving your eyes sooty and relaxed.

  • Take a small amount of coconut oil and rub small circles over the makeup. Rinse with cold water thoroughly and then wipe with a soft cotton ball.
  • The mixture of Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E oil provides extreme sootiness.
  • Proteins in milk help to keep the skin hydrated and fresh. Pour a spoon of almond oil in a bowl of whole milk and rub this soothing mixture all over your face and wipe. This must make it fresh like a daisy!
  • Mix Shea butter with witch Hazel and olive oil and keeps then stored in a jar. This acts as a cheap and best homemade makeup remover.
  • You must have seen those cucumber pieces being placed on the eyes during makeup sessions. Well, obviously because of their anti-inflammatory properties. Blend cucumber to a paste, add olive oil and remove the toughest of the tough makeup.
  • Aloe Vera gel with castile soap and olive oil. Store them and use when required to keep eyes free from chemical toxicity.
  • Baby shampoo and baby oil when applied removes makeup and keeps eyes tear-free.
  • Take a tiny tip of Avocado Oil and coat them on the eyes. It definitely has the powers.
  • Water and hazel oil is recommended for people who do not like the greasiness and mess-up of oils.
With those glorious queenly eyes, bring out the inner confidence and see the world with grit and pride. Let those eyes be the killer and you be the winner!


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