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Some Grandma creations get passed on from generation to generation due to their sublime benefits. Ubtan is one such wonderful recipe for a beauty boost. Traditionally, ubtan is applied to soon-to-be brides for some days before the big fat wedding day. Since ubtan is usually made with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals, it lessens the chances of breakouts and rashes. It provides this wonderful glow to a bride’s skin that no other treatment can even come close to. 

What goes into making ubtan?

Usually, ubtan is made with a handful of natural ingredients like turmeric (haldi), sandalwood powder (chandan), gram flour (besan), milk and rose water. Some recipes also add a few drops of lemon juice. When mixed into a thick paste, it looks and smells amazing. This paste can be smeared on the neck, face and even the entire body. It should be allowed to rest on the skin till it almost starts to dry and then washed off gently. The result will be beautiful soft glowing skin. When repeated regularly over some time, its effect is even more magical. 

So what’s all the fuss about? Let’s find out by looking at the benefits of using ubtan:- 

For That Unparalleled Glow

A natural facemask that is filled with heaps of goodness, that’s what ubtan is. Ubtan when applied on a regular basis can reduce tanning and eliminate dull skin cells by acting as an exfoliating agent. Gram flour works as the exfoliating and sandalwood powder as a skin smoothening agent. Milk acts as a lightening agent that helps to brighten the skin. The glow after using ubtan is fresh and new.

For Clear Skin

If you are suffering from acne, scars, marks on your face and skin pigmentation, ubtan could be a God sent gift. Ubtan helps in clearing the skin and making it flawless. All of us go out in the sun, often without any sunscreen or protection. Regular use of ubtan can reverse the negative effects of the sun’s rays. 

For Younger-Looking Skin

Everyone would like to keep looking young and fresh. Turmeric, one of the key components of ubtan is known for its anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties. It not only fights wrinkles but also prevents further damage to the skin. 

For Reducing Facial Hair

Ubtan when applied regularly and massaged into the skin leads to the weakening of facial hair roots and eventually to a decline of facial hair. This is a big beauty secret and something that can be achieved with this completely natural product. 

For Fairer-Looking Skin

Some of the ingredients present in ubtan contribute to enhancing the fairness of skin as they act as a natural bleaching agent. These are turmeric, lemon, milk and sandalwood powder. 

For Taut Looking Skin

Ubtan contains sandalwood powder, which acts as an astringent. What it essentially does is that it tightens the pore of the skin, making it look firm and taut. 

So, what are the best ways of applying ubtan to gain maximum results? Let’s take a look:- 

1. Those with dry skin should use a light oil on the skin before applying ubtan

2. Those with normal skin can apply ubtan directly

3. The consistency of the ubtan mix should be just right – neither too thick nor thin

4. After it has been applied to the skin, it should be slowly rubbed off the skin with lukewarm water. At this stage, being too harsh can cause redness of the skin 

Just like diversity exists in India in terms of cuisines, traditions, culture and styles of dressing, there are subtle differences in how ubtan is prepared in different parts of the country. Some aromatic herbs, cream, honey and the essence of flowers were added to the ubtan used by ladies of high rank and social classes. This natural wonder is considered to be a vital part of a woman’s solah shringar. 

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Frequently asked questions

What makes Haldi-Chandan Ubtan so amazing for beauty?

Haldi-Chandan Ubtan boasts an extraordinary array of benefits, thanks to the potent combination of turmeric and sandalwood. Their synergistic properties work wonders on your skin, tackling issues like acne, dullness, and uneven tone. It's like a superhero duo fighting the villains of beauty woes!


How does Haldi-Chandan Ubtan combat acne and breakouts?

When applied as an ubtan, Haldi-Chandan forms a formidable army against acne. Turmeric's anti-inflammatory properties battle the pesky pimple invaders, while sandalwood's astringent nature tightens the skin, keeping excess oil at bay. It's a team effort to reclaim your flawless complexion!


Can Haldi-Chandan Ubtan help with skin brightening?

Absolutely! The dynamic duo of turmeric and sandalwood works wonders to illuminate your skin. Turmeric's natural exfoliating properties sweep away dead skin cells, while sandalwood's magical touch lightens pigmentation and brightens your overall complexion. Say hello to radiant skin that glows like a disco ball!


How often should one use Haldi-Chandan Ubtan for optimal results?

For maximum benefits, incorporate Haldi-Chandan Ubtan into your beauty regime at least twice a week. The regularity ensures consistent nourishment and revitalization of your skin. Remember, patience is a virtue in the quest for beauty—so slather on that ubtan and let the magic unfold, one golden moment at a time!




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