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While none of us have figured out the secret to lifelong radiant skin, there are the steps to be taken in ensuring that your skin remains young and vibrant. There are a range of anti-aging products in the market that can work wonders for your skin. However you can also start helping yourself by quitting certain daily habits that are quietly ruining your beautiful skin. These include:

  • Maintain your 8 hours of sleep – research has highlighted lack of adequate sleep leading to diabetes, weight gain, high blood pressure and even looking older and tired. It is not uncommon for today’s successful and hungry go-getters to maintain long work hours and spend time after work out socializing. While you may not need a perfect 8 hours each night, prioritizing sleep is a habit that will work wonders for your skin and assist your anti-aging skin product greatly. 
  • Keeping sugar intake to a minimum – we’ve all craved and devoured sweets over the ages. We are also aware of the impact sugar has on our waistlines. But did you know sugar can also take a big toll on your skin turning it dull and wrinkled. Sugar consumption alongside application of your anti-aging skin product is detrimental thanks to a process known as ‘glycation’ where sugar in the bloodstream links to proteins in forming AGEs or advanced glycation end products. Collagen and elastin which keep skin firm, are destroyed by AGEs. This leads to saggy and wrinkly skin. Anti aging products can help fight off the aging process that starts around the age of 35 and rapidly increase afterwards. Do yourself a favor and limit added sugar intake to not more than 10% of your total calorie intake. 
  • Keeping stress levels in check – whether it be the commute, work, colleagues, the kids or the weather, stress is known to increase the concentration of cortisol and norepinephrine in your blood, increasing blood pressure and reducing immunity. Stress is deadly in the fact it can delay healing, harden arteries and even reduce the effect any anti-aging products might have on your body. 
  • Not wearing sunscreen – experts state sunscreen along with a good anti-aging skin product leaves your skin in good shape. Thanks to skin-damaging UV rays penetrating glass, there is added requirements for sunscreen even indoors. An SPF of atleast 30 does the trick. 
  • Neglecting hands and neck – overexposure to the sun has dire effects on the neck and hands as well as your complexion. Treat your neck and backs of the hands with a moisturizer or anti-aging product that are formulated to fight off dryness and loss of firmness. 

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