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If you ever felt that a short skirt would not fit you thanks to your dimpled thighs, you’re not alone. Over 90% of women have cellulite and fat control is their number one priority. The demand for anti cellulite creams and oils has never been higher with the market claiming to drastically reduce cellulite has grown exponentially in the past 6 years by over 113% globally.

Experts claim that alongside anti cellulite creams and oils are a range of advances that do the trick. Before applying such creams and oils, you need to know exactly what it is that you are applying to your skin.

How do anti cellulite creams work?

Cellulite are as simple and common as pimples. This is a biological phenomenon which affects over 90% of women globally. Cellulite will usually appear on hips, buttocks and the mid-section. These are the parts of the body that tend to store fat which our bodies accumulate and consume. The issue here is at times our fat cells at times tend to store a lot more than they are able to lose. Hence causing excess fat bulges and giving our skin irregular appearances. The best anti cellulite cream assists in fighting off such fat storage.

Anti cellulite creams consist of molecules which work on fat cell receptors in getting rid of stubborn fat or preventing its storage in that area. Anti cellulite creams also works towards the elimination of fat and help smoothen skin.

Some important facts

  1. Each cream is different – anti cellulite creams or slimming creams don’t always do the same thing. Choose the right skin care cream for your needs as some creams act on fat mass while some do not penetrate the epidermis. 

  2. How does one apply anti cellulite cream? 

    Anti cellulite creams need to always be applied via gentle and regular massages in order to activate micro circulation, reestablish lymphatic flow and decongest tissue. Additionally an anti cellulite massage will increase skin temperature. This tends to improve absorption of active ingredients found inside anti cellulite cream. 

  3. Massaging the various parts of the body 

    Legs – begin from the knee to the upper thigh, using little circles
    Stomach – massage using circular movements rubbing in the cream
    Arms – massage from elbow towards the shoulders, giving extra attention to the inside of the arm
    Hips and buttocks – make large circular movements by placing hands flat on either side of the pelvis. Apply increasing pressure starting up to the waist. 

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