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If you are heading to bed without using a night cream, you are missing out on a surefire way to enhance your skin’s beauty. The benefits of night cream on your skin is extremely underrated. While the idea of applying night cream might seem silly, the enhancements it has on your skin cannot be overlooked. Read on to know what makes night creams so effective:

Why use a night cream?

It is common knowledge that your skin will absorb active ingredients best at night than during the day. Your skin’s cell regeneration power is highest at night when you sleep. Night cream works towards clearing dirt off your face, renewing face cells and preventing tissues from being damaged. Night creams hence nourish your skin and repair damaged cells.

What does a night cream contain?

Night creams contain a host of healthy ingredients such as Vitamin A,E and C, Olive oil, Amino Acids, Retinol, Honey, Aloe Vera and Collagen.

Benefits of using a night cream

The benefits of using a night cream are:

  1. Night cream will provide your dry face with much needed moisture. Hence your face is kept hydrated at night. 
  2. It has a soothing effect on your face. 
  3. It also ensures your skin contains an even complexion alongside having finer skin texture
  4. Your night cream helps increase collagen levels in your skin
  5. This cream is efficient in increasing blood circulation
  6. Wrinkles and other lines on the face are reduced and removed. 
  7. Night cream also works towards preventing skin from sagging.
  8. Skin is kept soft and supple through use of a night cream.
  9. Your aging skin stops looking old 
  10. Your skin’s elasticity is restored
  11. Cells are renewed and the skin is kept nourished

Choosing a night cream

Ensure the cream you select is not too thick as thick night cream tends to clog skin pores making it extremely difficult for skin to breathe. Keep in mind the cream you select should be fragrance free and hypoallergenic.

How to apply

Follow the below steps for optimum results:

  1. Wash your face prior to applying the night cream
  2. Collect an amount the size of your upper thumb. Dab gently onto face. 
  3. Follow an upward, circular direction in massaging the cream directly onto face
  4. Refrain from applying night cream to eyelids

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