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Sun damage

It’s not the sun which colours it back. It’s a pigment called melanin. Actually the UV rays from the sun penetrate the skin and damage the DNA and RNA. Also the rays can potentially cause skin cancer. In order to protect from cancer, skin cells release Melanin which leads to the tan. When the skin is of the darker shade, UV rays less enter the skin therefore controlling the consequences.

After tanning, burning of skin occurs when there is too much harmful radiation. Blood circulation increases which can be observed by the skin turning red. Even immune cells attack the damaged site. Ultimately, the burned skin comes out as peels.

Skin tone and their properties!

Knowledge of your skin tone helps on determining the right skin products upto a large extent.  Also the properties of different skin tones help know the potential allergies and vulnerabilities.


  1. Fair: The most sought after tone. The word 'Fair' and 'Fairness' rules promotions of almost all beauty products. This skin is generally milky by nature and cool. But Fair tone can easily get red and tanned. So keep a good stock of moisturizers and sun tan creams .
  1. Light: This tone is slightly pink. While this tone has a good flushing nature, remaining characteristics is similar to that of fair skin.
  1. Medium: You can say that this is the strongest and easiest tone to maintain. No olive or pink is found. For such people buying makeup kits is a piece of cake.
  1. Olive: This skin is usually found in warm countries. While tanning is easy even in this tone, it has yellow and green shades. But people of this colour, must be ready to face the oil floods on their skin.
  1. Dark: Dark complexion has a wide sub-range. It varies from Copper to ebony. Though it may seem that they have to not worry about tanning, hyper pigmentation is still a threat.


Should we match the colours of paint to know the tone?

Hey! No. There is a physical and biological way.

  1. Wash and clean your wrists. Go outside and stand in the sunlight. If the veins at the wrist appear bluish then tour skin tone is cool. If green appears instead then you likely have dark undertones. But if the colour is confusing then the answer is probably olive.
  1. Remember this. If tanning is easy but not burning then you have a warm or a neutral tone. If the skin directly burns rather than tanning then it must be fair.
  1. Stand in front of a mirror and hold a white sheet in contrast. If skin seems to be yellow then you must conclude a warm tone. If pink then a light, grey means a olive.
  1. On the skin tell your accomplice to observe the skin behind the ear. If the tone is yellow then the tone is warm, and if it’s pink then it must be cooler.


The power rests in nature!

  1. Exfoliating the skin will remove dead cells and returns the skin to its original glow. Honey and organic sugar or Oatmeal and organic sugar acts as best natural exfoliators .

  1. Face masks, makes the texture and complexion uniform throughout. For an organic solution try mashed banana with honey paste, apply on the face and rinse later.

  1. When you choose a face peel make sure that it has glycolic acid. It is very effective in removing wrinkles.
  1. For removing dark spots, rub lemon juice on the spots and rinse.
  1. Moisturizers gives the skin necessary moisture and nutrition. High content Vitamin E should be preferred. Also look for antioxidants like Eucalyptus, Aloe Vera and Coconut oil which can make the skin as fresh as a daisy!

  1. Milk is used for increasing the brightness of the skin and at the same time to even the colour.
Outer looks is the first thing noticed by people, so keep a regular timetable and use these organic beauty products effectively. But remember, however beautiful may you be from outside, it’s the inner smile and happiness that completes you. So keep smiling and keep moving!


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